What is the National Right?

Welcome to the homepage for the National Right, a movement designed to lead America back to greatness by embracing our best values with love for our people and healthy skepticism toward our government.  Rather than hoping for our politicians to adopt the beliefs they promise, this movement is committed to direct action in support of our clearly stated beliefs and holding politicians to account.

Our core belief is to feature quality over quantity, as the essence of right-wing thinking is the search for what is best rather than what satisfies most.  We seek responsibility, people who love their work and their duties and care for others out of genuine concern, not who believe issuing a check is sufficient.  We value liberty and freedom of speech and association, picking our compatriots as we go forward based on substance and brotherhood.  Morality needs to be at the heart of any society, starting with defense of the family and our core beliefs which protect our most vulnerable and sustain dignity.  Finally, we must embrace our identity, our European and American traditions, and have pride rather than shame in our past and for the majority, in our race.  Together, these ideas can bring together the right to make us a force.

The platform which extends from these positions has been drafted and is included as Our 10 Commandments, a commonsense set of ideas based upon the best of American traditions and rooted in our core values.  More than just an assembly of ideas, these concepts interlink to forge a stronger rightist movement.  For years, we have fought each other between conservatives, libertarians, Christians, and identity politics, arguing over who is more right while we sway into leftist thinking every time we disagree.  Put differently, we have been losing, both in our unwillingness to have government ever serve our purposes and in surrendering most of the institutions that govern culture to their radical progressive agenda, which more accurately should be understood as Communist.

The National Right is the reaction to their success.  Our movement is our ideas, independent of the Republicans in particular and the corruption of the two-party system.  We attack the institutions responsible for pushing Communist and globalist ideology directly, such as the universities or the central banks who dominate our society.  It does no good to simply fill revolving seats when unwilling to confront the financing and ideological foundations of the left, and we will do so with vigor and clear and concise language.

All who support our ideals are welcome.  This is an American movement for American citizens.  We hold strong beliefs about right and wrong, and are proud of our identity.  But such pride extends to our nation as a whole, with love for all people who share such concern, and against the false media narrative that we are driven by hatred.  We are a movement of love, rooted in regard for our own people rather than trying to fulfill a dystopic obsession with equality, and we only seek the best for America.

Becoming a member of the National Right is a choice of conscience.  Our values are clear, unchanging, and you are welcome to endorse these and work with us to promote them.  Leadership is unitary, designed to encourage correspondence between the members to work out disagreements locally, and keep the focus on the shared threat.  For those seeking more involvement, we will be looking for state leaders, county leaders, and people to serve other roles for particular functions.  We also welcome members who wish to offer financial support.

Contact tom@nationalright.us if you have any further inquiry.  Welcome to the Renaissance – we work to birth the America we were promised, which existed once, and will rise again.