Support Tom

Tom with his wife Dana

People often ask me how they can support my personal efforts.  Several excellent options exist.

First, please share my most recent book Someone Has To Say It:  The Hidden History of How America Was Lost available both through Amazon and which I can sell autographed copies direct for $25 if you e-mail me at  I encourage you to share this important information with friends and family, and hope you will leave reviews and begin spreading these important truths.

Second, if you want to interact with me and follow my social media more closely, I strongly recommend joining Gab, a free-speech alternative to Twitter where you will meet many interesting people.  Follow me at @tomkawczynski on that site.

Thirdly, for those who want to serve as patrons, you have the gratitude of my wife and my family.  Please contact me directly for options.

If your means allow, your generosity is much appreciated.  My wife and I appreciate all your prayers, sharing our message, and the fellowship we share for putting out a message of hope, courage, and redemption which many try quite hard to silence.

Anonymity is always respected, and God bless all those out there fighting alongside us.