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Choose Quality Over Equality

Those of us on the right have been tricked into fighting a losing battle.  While it would sound that being, broadly speaking, the movement which served the interests of individuals as individuals, allowing people to define themselves, would reach the largest target audience with a set of ideas, the problem is this message also encourages each of us to retreat into our own individually comfortable version of perfection, and to exist as apart as our lives and means allow.

It is also why the left has been winning the culture war for a very long time.  While we have focused our idealism into our virtues and discourse, the left has made their radical ideal of equality at all costs real by bringing people together with simple rhetoric, growing numbers based on resentment, and showing no restraint in using any and all institutions to push their collectivism.  And because they have numbers and the will to power, they are forcing their ideas upon generation after generation while we bicker amongst ourselves.

The American Covenant and the ten principles shared therein offer a roadmap for how we unite ourselves despite our continuing differences, but all the policy prescriptions in the world will do nothing until we begin to embrace some larger sense of group identity.  The goal is not to forget our individual traits, but to remember we share other identities, some chosen and some innate, which also impact heavily how we live and when we run from these, we reduce our own capacity to impact change.

Let’s make our radical battle for the future not to argue just “I can do whatever I want”, but instead shift to the more inspirational, “I will aspire to that which is best, and in every group where I belong, embrace the same ideal.”  We can have pride in ourselves and our groups, including our race, culture, and faith, and this can only strengthen our resolve.  There is no cause for shame when one group does better than another – an incredibly destructive delusions we reflexively apologize for feeling far too often.

Quality over quantity needs to be the message delivered.  We no longer apologize or feel guilt for our successes, but instead take pride in those achievements.  Instead of reducing ourselves to those who cannot keep up, serving prostrate at their inadequacy, let us strive to better our own accomplishments and forget the guilt others would place on us.  We seek to be moral, caring as much for virtue as material success, but we must categorically reject this toxic idea of equality.

Freedom is inherently the right to be unequal.