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The Crisis of the West

First, allow me to welcome those visiting the National Right website for the first time after reading my newest book: Someone Has To Say It: The Hidden History of How America Was Lost.  If you haven’t read it yet, check it out on Amazon, or send me an e-mail if you would like an autographed paperback copy.  I’m flattered by all the kind reviews, and glad to be able to contribute in some small way to a more honest understanding of American history.  People need to understand how the radical left, Communists and Marxists, engineered the gradual takeover of our state and destruction of our civil society as a precursor to fixing the problems in our nation.

We think of the question as political, but it really isn’t:  Instead, I would argue it is moral, cultural, and financial.  Our troubles politically are just a reflection of the problems emerging from these areas, so let me talk about each.

The moral decline of our people is in the deliberate introduction of nihilism, accomplished through the splintering of our nation into a thousand subgroups incapable of working with one another.  Such discord has been cast into all areas of life from the biggest national endeavors into the family itself, where the perpetually stoked war between men and women serves to keep us from working in harmony to protect our children, raising them with confidence and character.  We live in a world where judgment itself is miscast as prejudice, making it impossible to use reason or defend our nature to assert righteousness.  Post-morality is the slow death of indulgence.

We accept such a dismal fate in large numbers because people believe we have no future.  As the single American culture of achievement through hard work gave way to subgroups that fester on resentment and redistribution, control was taken of the narrative to make the majority feel shame for our many accomplishments.  Western civilization itself became an albatross, where our traditions were derided and instead supplanted by either nothing or promises of foreign superiority.  With shame for our past, we are told we deserve no future, and so many people accept all we deserve is the comforts of the day, quietly giving way in our countries from America to Europe.  Specifically, these attacks continue daily, relentlessly, overtly and covertly against the white population, who for the first time in history are a race with hatred for themselves so bad they’d contemplate civilization suicide, guilty for the crimes we’ve been falsely accused of committing.

Such a message would seem impossibly unhealthy for people to adopt, but it exists because throughout the world, a small group of people serve as financial controllers.  Operating in a world where the rules are so different than what ordinary citizens face, their command of finance allows them essentially limitless resources with which to push a message which elevates the least capable and suppresses the most capable.  At heart of this is the population displacement agenda, accomplishing the twin goals of spreading financial hegemonic control through central banking and their vassal global institutions, and simultaneously depleting those nations most capable of offering resistance on any other basis to this effort.  Furthermore, they own enough of the people in both parties, either directly or indirectly through their promises of financial support that legislation to hinder their ambitions will never become a priority under the current political rules.

States rise and nations are destroyed.  Institutions dominate our society, and we are told these act on their own interest, yet they act in a strange vacuum where no personal responsibility is ever assigned to any group or individuals for these actions.  A strange pale of inevitability is cast, yet we can break through these.  We can admit very powerful and wealthy people, aristocrats from the west, have put the concerns of a small group above the nations which sustain them.  Transnational actors and rootless cosmopolitans, we must identify these people, groups, and institutions specifically and call them out for their malice.

But it is not enough to just point out the bad actors and bad ideas proliferating in our country and poisoning minds and hearts.  We must offer an alternative, one that inspires people and builds upon our traditions and aspirations.  We must identify and encourage those who are, starting with the most basic of traits:  Those related to us and who live close to us, to renew the American Covenant.  Today, I am rebranding what we previously called our Ten Commandments to this title, because we must act in faith in search of this promise, that a good and just people who act without fear and with strength will succeed against any obstacle.  Our enemies are hateful, many and powerful, yet for all their resources, their essential weakness is fatal:  They are rooted in hatred – of us, of themselves, and of humanity.

We must learn how to fight that weakness by making ourselves impermeable to their weapons.  Such a struggle will be long and painful, but also rewarding and winnable.  With clear moral principles and determination to cast off the yoke upon us, our National Right serves as a common space to lead the way for the different people and groups who all share this goal and identify the common and most wicked threat.