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The National Right Model

Movements get themselves into trouble when they argue over the finer points of doctrine and about the realization of an ideal.  No two people share the exact same vision or list of priorities and thinking about politics that way while useful for determining philosophy, is not so helpful in hitting the field.  To unite people, a basic common ground is needed that can bring people together for the shared interest of the defense of mutual interest.

We start with our 10 Commandments and we also end there.  These are the basic challenges we identified as a group that America faces, and we’re going to welcome people to join this effort on the clear basis and unquestioned understanding these principles will guide our effort.  If we build outward, it will only be in opposition to those who push ideas which clearly oppose the core beliefs and program, and that will be a much more productive model.

But beyond the politics, the National Right will place on emphasis on bringing people together.  So often, due to the nature and threats of political life, people cannot gather in comfort and camaraderie with people of common resolve.  Our hope is to change this, and to take a simple idea and build state, county, and local lodges where individuals and families who share these ideas will gather.  Not to discuss politics, but to know they are not alone and to build friendship and support to end our isolation and seclusion.

As this effort evolves, look for the Pine Lodge concept to grow, and it’s an opportunity for everyone who believes in the ideas and in America to build your own personal network.  You pick your associations, but take strength in knowing we can support one another.