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The Insurgency

We live in occupied countries.  We know this intuitively because to speak our minds is to bring upon ourselves swift retribution, where our jobs, our reputation, and even our families may be taken from us.  People speculate as to who occupies us, identifying people, forces, and the means of our control, but it matters far less who controls us than how we effectuate our escape and the reclamation of our own destiny.

Without realizing it as such, we have begun an insurgency.  People worldwide are striking out in different ways against the governmental/banking/corporate/academic consensus whereby control is managed by a few, for their own benefit, and seeks actively to constrain those who have most agency from being able to disrupt their intentions.

Have you ever asked not just why white people, whose primary accomplishment was the construction of western civilization, but also married families, believers in the Christian God, and traditionalists who work the land are targeted?  These people are those who exercise free will, liberty, and moral judgment.  Our states can tolerate many things, but the one thing they cannot and will not abide are moral men, for they may put their own judgment above that of the state or its many appendages.

Consider for a moment how the worst degeneracy is not just tolerated, but promoted, encouraged, and tacitly allowed.  Laws are interpreted to the benefit of those who offer the least and used to persecute those with talent, ambition, and a sense of true justice.  Law itself has become a weapon to be used by a cynical guild and with the blessing of judges who think themselves gods unto themselves.  Activism rather than originalism.

The media cheers on the anarchist, goading them to go further in attacking the decent people, wanting them to stoke fear, and protecting them always from consequence because they are the disposable shock troops, a way to make use of our children whom we offer up for indoctrination to be used by those who control and despise us.  Should we resist, we are branded as villains, and even our own allies and friends forsake us under the withering pressure of a ubiquitous social network that stretches from work into the home studying all we do and commenting and correcting any heresy.

Against such odds, what can men do?  We can become insurgents.

We have begun our insurgency by throwing forward Orban, Brexit, Trump, Salvini, and others who speak reason in the face of insanity.  We assert up is up and down and down and reject the programming.  Every man and woman can take this first step, admitting their own logic and instincts to be true, and to see around them the multitude of falsehoods upon which our jails have been built.

The single most dangerous lie upon which this whole edifice depends is that all men are equal.  Reject this and admit the truth no two men are equal.  For no two men are the same.  No two people are the same.  No two ideas are the same.  No two cultures are the same.  And when one accepts this most basic truth:  That different ideas and people can be compared to one another, then we regain the ability to apply reason and morality to our lives once more.  Be not ashamed to assert that A is better than B, or that B is not C.  That is how we distinguish ourselves from the animals and call upon the gifts with which we were bestowed to comprehend our world.

Sane people realize men are not women.  They realize you cannot bring in people from Somalia and expect them to behave like Europeans.  They realize a religion built upon war like Islam is not a harbinger of peace.  Escape Room 101:  Pretend as you must but learn to hate Big Brother and share that message with all whom can think.  Be delighted as you learn, though our capacities vary, every man can understand the basic truth A is not B.  This is how the insurgency takes root.  Once you’ve learned to admit reason, to observe nature, and trust your instincts, there is no going back.

I cannot pretend it will be a happy discovery.  It will not.  Anger and frustration will rise in shared measure as you watch so many people parrot things you know to be manifestly false.  Worse still will be that you will likely do the same, to protect those close to you as you build your cocoons of sanity.  You may find yourself reorienting your life, moving away from the ambitions you once held to acquire stuff or gain status, and moving away from the sickness to which you have been forced to adhere to find health.  The quiet places of the world offer solace, and it is no accident those are targeted as well for seeding.

But those of us who are aware, who often cannot admit ourselves to one another for fear of reprisal, are fighting back and ideas are getting out there.  Social media moves more quickly than the ability of the machine to repress us, but we wander from larger platforms to smaller ones, requiring people to become nimbler to compete.  Even as our thoughts are as fast as the light that moves them, a time of choosing is coming.

We must build for this time.  I founded the National Right because there were truths I discovered, that I could prove and argue which I would not surrender, and to serve as a lamp-post in the darkness.  Others have built their own lights of different hues and brilliance, but each offers a chance to examine ideas we take for granted.  And should enough people cluster around these, perhaps we might yet bring light to everyone, unlike these elites whose illumination is reserved to a select corrupt few.

Those of us whose core ideas and inescapable identity are being targeted must come together for mutual preservation.  We must do so not just as who we are, but also in support of what we believe, for identity alone lacks the impetus to unite our squabbling folk, but the right vision could lift us up from bondage to this most cynical machine.  We must respect those who walk the path alongside us, recognizing those who beat the odds and embraced reason are our friends, and be unafraid to cast aside those who look like us and those who do not who refuse to do anything but service to the state which would consume us all.  We can mourn their loss, but we cannot allow ourselves to sink alongside those who have surrendered once established we cannot save them.

The struggle has already begun with education, awareness, and the awakening.  For a time, it will be political and cultural, where we must articulate our beliefs, gather our people, build our institutions, and do this all so carefully under the light of an all-seeing eye which seeks to burn itself into our still tender skin.  We must be calm, clever, and coordinated.

And then, we must fight like our lives depend upon this, for they surely do.  We have time enough to accomplish all this, but only just a little while, as every day we use is measured against the minds lost to the machine, the children we hand over to the dogma and indoctrination, and the steady cultural beat marching against us and turning we few who share these natural laws into pariahs and enemies.


The National Right will help spread the insurgency.  I share ideas.  Others will join.  We will build an organization.  We will hold events to make clear the issues, and write books to share facts, ideas, and thoughts.  We will run for offices when able, supporting those who help, and we will fight always for the core ideas:  Morality, responsibility, identity, and liberty.

Most importantly, we prepare ourselves for the fight of our lifetime.  For each of us, that battle will look different.  But each of us can win.  We win our own freedom first.  Sometimes, we win our families.  Those who are lucky might even win back a town.  But my hope and my prayer is we win back our civilization, for we are occupied, but I take hope that a single candle can shine all the more brilliant in the most oppressive darkness.