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Steps Ahead

Since I’ve been writing books, I haven’t had the opportunity to write as many blog posts of late.  I’ve also restrained myself because I’ve been negotiating with a number of different people and entities to expand the efforts of the National Right.

There is no substitute for building outward from solid principles, and having an organization committed to core beliefs that make sense.   In our American Covenant, we begin with a community developed platform that represents a meaningful consensus from the Right that is unapologetic, rooted in fact and tradition, and represents a solid beginning.  But we will do more.

I’m about a month away from finishing my next book provisionally titled The Coming Civil War which suggests how the current political conflict may evolve.  I am not putting a time table on anything in how events play out, but I note the rising radicalization should be troubling.  We see more signs each day how the radical left is becoming stronger, bolder, and more threatening to our national rights.  Although different groups are speaking out and more Americans become aware each day, there is not an organized resistance to these efforts.  We will endeavor our damnedest to change that.

I’m talking with many talented people, including some with resources and experience the movement has not enjoyed before, to put together a strong message.  It starts with recognizing our opponents are Marxists, or how we had the courage to once say, communists.  What they offer is what we fought for generations to oppose in America, and we must pick up the struggle once more.  We should be honest about who these people are, what groups support them, and make clear to the public this information.

In contrast, we will stand up for bedrock values.  We will protect our families, support our faith, restore the morals that sustained us, and defend our liberties against any threat.  We will invest our energy in America, bringing back our best men to support us here at home, supporting businesses who build and spend here, and offer our support to the Trump America First agenda.  America owes its loyalty to its people, not foreigners with foreign beliefs, and we must stand up and make clear these fights are the future.

As this evolves, I’ll articulate this message more clearly, and I continue to work to improve this.  I am but one man, with a message rooted in truth in decency, but I will share it and find others who want to speak and work toward the same.  People tell me victory is not possible, but I know this is a lie, because we had the country we loved once, and I refuse to believe people are unwilling to work, or even fight if necessary, to restore an America with a common culture, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

We mouthed those words for years.  It’s time to live them once more.  This is our challenge, to assume our National Right.