Conversations with Tom – Episode #7 – James Edwards


In this seventh installment of Conversations with Tom, James Edwards, host of The Political Cesspool, comes to talk about how social justice warrior mentality has gotten into the Southern Baptist Church, the challenges of defending our culture, the political road ahead and the import of bringing values and sanity back into the political mix.  As someone who has been on the front lines for over a decade, James offers the perspective of a leading commentator and witness to the evolving effort to establish positive white identity in defense of both our values and our nation.

Conversations with Tom – Episode #6 – Billy Roper

The sixth installment of Conversations with Tom is a deep and varied conversation with Billy Roper, long time white advocate and published author.  We start by talking about the future, going in depth into genetics, questions of technology versus humanity, the spiritual role of the struggle whites face in America, and questions about true nobility.  As is always the case with Billy, the conversation is intense and unapologetic, but candidly honest about the moral imperatives we will have to confront moving forward.  Check out his writing at The Roper Report.


Conversations with Tom – Episode #5 – Randy and Sonya

In this fifth installment of Conversations with Tom, I invite my friends Randy and Sonya to come on and share reflections from the homesteading life.  People often talk about moving out to the country, but these two live that dream and they will share the ups and downs of rural life.  In the second half of the interview, they offer a glimpse into the dissatisfaction country folk feel toward the disrespect they receive from the Establishment and their current efforts to undermine our President and the elected government.

Conversations with Tom – Episode #4 – Jeff Winston from White Art Collective

For this fourth episode of Conversations with Tom, I’m very excited to have Jeff Winston as our guest.  You may not have heard of him yet, but you will soon.  His efforts to create the White Art Collective represent a new and much needed front in the ongoing culture war.  As politics are downstream of culture, Jeff has been working to create a forum where quality art can be produced that puts whites in a positive perspective, showing how we come from a people with a great history and even more promising future.

We spend much time talking about art, the struggle between culture and politics, how memes fit into the equation, and what white identity might mean.  He’s a great guest and a visionary thinker.  Be sure to visit the website as well.

Conversations with Tom – Episode #3 – Zack from Woke West Virginia

In the third episode of Conversations with Tom, I have an in-depth conversation with Zack from Woke West Virginia, a podcast that covers nationalism and identity from a local perspective and which you can hear at Spotify here.  After talking a little bit about media, we talk about the balance between street activism and outreach, and talk about ideologies which have been buried in time but are finding resurgence and why they are so popular.

Conversations with Tom – Episode #1

Since this is the very first episode of Conversations with Tom allow me to explain how the show works.  At least twice per week, I have a conversation that is an hour or slightly longer with people whom I find interesting, people who have interesting ideas, or other guests where we talk about anything and everything in a relaxed format that is open, politically incorrect, but sincere.

I know many people who are right of center and who are nationalists as well as race realists feel very much alone because of the social stigmas attached to thinking rather than just parroting the orthodoxy.  This show will open up your minds and your ears to the reality you are not alone, and many Americans are struggling to deal with the same issues that impact you and yours.

We are mostly respectful, but very real in talking about problems America faces.  Conversations will get heated, there are no sacred cows, and unlike interviews, these conversations are deliberately probing and designed to get past talking points to see what people are really thinking.  I share freely of myself, and the guests whom I select will be chosen for their ability to keep up, offer interesting viewpoints, and get us all thinking.

In this and every episode, views expressed by the people involved including Tom’s are strictly their own, but the National Right hosts this show as a means to showcase the diversity of thought on the right, and talk through the issues impacting different segments of our movement and always with the focus of opposing the radical left and the communists who seek our mutual destruction.

For this first episode recorded August 13th, I’m glad to feature my friend Doug Morrison, a white rights advocate who is increasingly involved with efforts to help white identity in the Pacific Northwest and who is a firebrand in his own right.  As we cover many topics, which will be a common occurrence for Conversations, you’ll just have to listen if you want to know what was said.

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Please be aware that conversations will sometimes contain strong language and concepts which may be unsettling to some.  All opinions expressed belong solely to those expressing them.  All rights reserved and this program may not be edited without consent of Tom Kawczynski and the National Right.  Users are welcome to share this podcast freely as presented.