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The Insurgency

We live in occupied countries.  We know this intuitively because to speak our minds is to bring upon ourselves swift retribution, where our jobs, our reputation, and even our families may be taken from us.  People speculate as to who occupies us, identifying people, forces, and the means of our control, but it matters far less who controls us than how we effectuate our escape and the reclamation of our own destiny.

Without realizing it as such, we have begun an insurgency.  People worldwide are striking out in different ways against the governmental/banking/corporate/academic consensus whereby control is managed by a few, for their own benefit, and seeks actively to constrain those who have most agency from being able to disrupt their intentions.

Have you ever asked not just why white people, whose primary accomplishment was the construction of western civilization, but also married families, believers in the Christian God, and traditionalists who work the land are targeted?  These people are those who exercise free will, liberty, and moral judgment.  Our states can tolerate many things, but the one thing they cannot and will not abide are moral men, for they may put their own judgment above that of the state or its many appendages.

Consider for a moment how the worst degeneracy is not just tolerated, but promoted, encouraged, and tacitly allowed.  Laws are interpreted to the benefit of those who offer the least and used to persecute those with talent, ambition, and a sense of true justice.  Law itself has become a weapon to be used by a cynical guild and with the blessing of judges who think themselves gods unto themselves.  Activism rather than originalism.

The media cheers on the anarchist, goading them to go further in attacking the decent people, wanting them to stoke fear, and protecting them always from consequence because they are the disposable shock troops, a way to make use of our children whom we offer up for indoctrination to be used by those who control and despise us.  Should we resist, we are branded as villains, and even our own allies and friends forsake us under the withering pressure of a ubiquitous social network that stretches from work into the home studying all we do and commenting and correcting any heresy.

Against such odds, what can men do?  We can become insurgents.

We have begun our insurgency by throwing forward Orban, Brexit, Trump, Salvini, and others who speak reason in the face of insanity.  We assert up is up and down and down and reject the programming.  Every man and woman can take this first step, admitting their own logic and instincts to be true, and to see around them the multitude of falsehoods upon which our jails have been built.

The single most dangerous lie upon which this whole edifice depends is that all men are equal.  Reject this and admit the truth no two men are equal.  For no two men are the same.  No two people are the same.  No two ideas are the same.  No two cultures are the same.  And when one accepts this most basic truth:  That different ideas and people can be compared to one another, then we regain the ability to apply reason and morality to our lives once more.  Be not ashamed to assert that A is better than B, or that B is not C.  That is how we distinguish ourselves from the animals and call upon the gifts with which we were bestowed to comprehend our world.

Sane people realize men are not women.  They realize you cannot bring in people from Somalia and expect them to behave like Europeans.  They realize a religion built upon war like Islam is not a harbinger of peace.  Escape Room 101:  Pretend as you must but learn to hate Big Brother and share that message with all whom can think.  Be delighted as you learn, though our capacities vary, every man can understand the basic truth A is not B.  This is how the insurgency takes root.  Once you’ve learned to admit reason, to observe nature, and trust your instincts, there is no going back.

I cannot pretend it will be a happy discovery.  It will not.  Anger and frustration will rise in shared measure as you watch so many people parrot things you know to be manifestly false.  Worse still will be that you will likely do the same, to protect those close to you as you build your cocoons of sanity.  You may find yourself reorienting your life, moving away from the ambitions you once held to acquire stuff or gain status, and moving away from the sickness to which you have been forced to adhere to find health.  The quiet places of the world offer solace, and it is no accident those are targeted as well for seeding.

But those of us who are aware, who often cannot admit ourselves to one another for fear of reprisal, are fighting back and ideas are getting out there.  Social media moves more quickly than the ability of the machine to repress us, but we wander from larger platforms to smaller ones, requiring people to become nimbler to compete.  Even as our thoughts are as fast as the light that moves them, a time of choosing is coming.

We must build for this time.  I founded the National Right because there were truths I discovered, that I could prove and argue which I would not surrender, and to serve as a lamp-post in the darkness.  Others have built their own lights of different hues and brilliance, but each offers a chance to examine ideas we take for granted.  And should enough people cluster around these, perhaps we might yet bring light to everyone, unlike these elites whose illumination is reserved to a select corrupt few.

Those of us whose core ideas and inescapable identity are being targeted must come together for mutual preservation.  We must do so not just as who we are, but also in support of what we believe, for identity alone lacks the impetus to unite our squabbling folk, but the right vision could lift us up from bondage to this most cynical machine.  We must respect those who walk the path alongside us, recognizing those who beat the odds and embraced reason are our friends, and be unafraid to cast aside those who look like us and those who do not who refuse to do anything but service to the state which would consume us all.  We can mourn their loss, but we cannot allow ourselves to sink alongside those who have surrendered once established we cannot save them.

The struggle has already begun with education, awareness, and the awakening.  For a time, it will be political and cultural, where we must articulate our beliefs, gather our people, build our institutions, and do this all so carefully under the light of an all-seeing eye which seeks to burn itself into our still tender skin.  We must be calm, clever, and coordinated.

And then, we must fight like our lives depend upon this, for they surely do.  We have time enough to accomplish all this, but only just a little while, as every day we use is measured against the minds lost to the machine, the children we hand over to the dogma and indoctrination, and the steady cultural beat marching against us and turning we few who share these natural laws into pariahs and enemies.


The National Right will help spread the insurgency.  I share ideas.  Others will join.  We will build an organization.  We will hold events to make clear the issues, and write books to share facts, ideas, and thoughts.  We will run for offices when able, supporting those who help, and we will fight always for the core ideas:  Morality, responsibility, identity, and liberty.

Most importantly, we prepare ourselves for the fight of our lifetime.  For each of us, that battle will look different.  But each of us can win.  We win our own freedom first.  Sometimes, we win our families.  Those who are lucky might even win back a town.  But my hope and my prayer is we win back our civilization, for we are occupied, but I take hope that a single candle can shine all the more brilliant in the most oppressive darkness.

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Identity as a Moral Imperative – The Path Forward

Identity.  Ideology.  Ethnic Nationalism.  Civic Nationalism.  Spend any amount of time on a right wing forum where free speech is allowed, and it will not be long before you’re introduced to the great debate of our time, which is how can nationalism succeed?

There are civic nationalists who believe the only constrain upon national development is the willingness to adopt and share certain ideas.  In our American context, these include life, liberty, and property, respect for our national symbols like the flag, and generally trend toward tolerance with respect for tradition.  President Trump has governed in this fashion, creating opportunity for all Americans, and such thinking ranges from the Alt-Lite to mainstream conservatism.  The right likes this formulation because it allows them to maintain what has become the default position in the West that individuals make up our society, and our future extends outward strictly from those rights:  Libertarianism with a moral flavor.

Conversely, there are ethnic nationalists who make certain observations about the present and the future in assessing nationalism.  With respect for individuals, they also look at how different groups behave to see who support these ideals of life, liberty, and property.  They look at how white people of European extraction vote 60% and upwards for Republican, a de facto endorsement.  They also look how two-thirds of Latinos and Asians, as well as nine-tenths of blacks vote Democrat.  Such stark differences belie the possibility these variations are merely accidental.  Does the left effort to build a plantation mentality and support welfarism matter?  It must.  But it is also true these people emerge from more collectivist cultures, whose very inclination is hardwired in culture and potentially genetics to support socialism?  Looking at what sorts of governments exist in their native lands, the question is worth asking?

Nationalists want to see a stable and successful America built upon core values.  Few would take dispute with the ideas of morality, responsibility, and liberty.  But identity is harder, because the question of who belongs brings up a more fundamental inquiry.  Are we blank slates like Descartes suggested, where we use reason and act as individuals?  Or do we bring our cultural baggage with us, through genetics or through environment, most likely both, and are certain people therefore just less likely to sustain the core principles of western civilization under any circumstance?  The left calls this question racist and runs away shrieking, and the civic nationalists, from fear, refuse to ask.  But the question is valid.

To understand what nationalism can be in America, we must answer the question definitively of who will support our values.  We understand individuals who share these, of all races, can and do benefit.  And yet, as a contradiction, we also understand certain groups are far more likely than others to work for values based upon hard work and opportunity rather than just group advantage and opportunism.  We also reject this idea out of hand the left presents that the values upon which America were built were designed to inherently restrict minorities:  If that was the case, why are western nations and America specifically so willing to try to share our liberty and prosperity with minorities?  Such generosity disproves the false claim that prebuilt prejudice was behind the Constitutional values.

Debates about these topics rage for pages and hours, but I suggest our current political environment actually proves a more comprehensive test to advance this inquiry.  President Trump has worked tirelessly for the civic nationalist cause, creating opportunity for minorities that passes anything ever seen historically.  Unemployment rates are at all-time lows, the economy is prospering, and barriers to entry have been removed at every interval to success.  If minorities want to choose opportunity over welfarism and individualism over collectivism, there will never be a better test than 2020.  Let’s see, if given success, if they choose to endorse such action with their votes, or if they prefer instead to give control over to others as they have tended to vote for at least a half century.

If the minority voters shift toward Republicans in sizable numbers, which we’ll define here as 5% or more, then it would seem the civic nationalists might have something of a case.  But if they do not, and instead vote just as frequently or even more strongly for Democrats, then I think nationalists have to ask this question:  Having done everything possible to present our ideas of opportunity and responsibility with real world benefits to the minorities, and seeing them reject these out of hand, is it not imperative that to protect nationalism that we understand the ideals America was built upon will only exist with a white supermajority?

Should that supposition prove true, and such evidence as exists is compelling to the case, if the right is to preserve America as it has ever been, does it not have to inherently then work to advance the interests, numbers, and influence of the white majority?  I realize such a statement is profoundly uncomfortable for people who believe in individualism, and yet, paradoxically, if it is demonstrable only one group will support individualism as a preferred course of action, do not those who support individualism have to gather in strength with those of that same group to protect liberty?

Time will soon tell if the ethnic nationalists are right, but the more important question is does the right have the courage to act clearly in asking these questions, overcoming the intimidation the left uses to control them, and developing policy and politics to preserve the nation?  The National Right is leading this effort, despite overwhelming scrutiny, because truth matters.

Our moral imperative is to protect our nation, which evolves from those core ideas of morality, liberty, responsibility, and identity.  There will always be a place for those who choose an identity concordant with what America has always been who come from wherever and are legal citizens.  Remove that false canard that is used to repress reason.  But we may discover that America needs to be white to be free.

No majority-minority state in this union votes Republican.  And you see what the Democrats offer.  You must realize by now the reason they support open borders, loose immigration, and amnesty is because of the millions of voters they gain.  They won California.  They’re working on Texas.  And soon enough, should trends hold, they will have a strangle lock to favor socialism within a generation.

Whether you are an ethnic nationalist, civic nationalist, or just an American who believes in liberty, such an outcome should scare you.  It’s why we must answer the question now about how well we can integrate minorities  into the fold of traditional American ideas.  There’s something inherently fair about trying to do things the nice, moral, and just way.  Trump is our test and our olive branch to begin reuniting the nation.  But should his efforts ultimately be rebuffed, then unless we wish to surrender all the gains we worked to ensure he achieved, we must deal with reality as it is, and admit that liberty does not exist absent white identity.

I close only by saying supporting identity then becomes a moral act.  For if you offer learning and knowledge, as well as other support to someone who comes to you, and they rebuff your generosity instead wanting to simply take what you earned, is it not moral to stand up in common cause with those who are the builders and workers and say you cannot simply take indefinitely?  You would expel such people from your home for their theft and malfeasance, and we must be no less resolute.  This issue gets confused by racial appearances, but at heart, it is really a cultural issue, which is no nation may exist where whole groups CHOOSE to take more often than they give.

In addition to those minorities who do not contribute, those who push such folly within the majority, need to be opposed, confronted, and removed from impact just as forcefully.  The alternative is the loss of this nation and we cannot abide surrender to blackmail.  Because whether white or minority, America has no need for people who don’t want to contribute, and in such resolve, we might realize the cultural nationalism needed to further this just beginning restoration.  Identity matters because ideas matter, and the ideas we fight for are the ones which inspired our Founders and our entire civilization.

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Don’t Fool Yourself – The Left is Still Winning

Within the next month, I will be releasing my second book:  The Coming Civil War.  Over 384 pages, I lay out the contradictions at the heart of our republic that are driving the culture war as it burns from cold to hot, identify the major players, and assign which groups will gather to each side.  Six different scenarios are profiled therein, but to explain why such an event gains in likelihood each day, I write today to share with you the crisis.  In writing this book, I’ve come to realize just how dominant the Left has become, and my hope is after reading the below, you will also and will act with the urgency such understanding requires.

Since gaining control of the American education system, the forces of the Marxist Left have been following a recurring pattern of introducing reforms, weathering a period of conservative response, and then building upon the new cultural framework.  This generational approach to victory has been devastatingly effective and the bedrock upon how they have built their radically transformed country which we now inhabit today.

Consider the efforts by FDR to establish social welfare as an expectation for all Americans.  The very idea of socialism itself came under both national and international assault in the 40’s and seemed to fade away in the happy 50’s, but had become irrevocably part of our national expectation by the 60’s.

Consider the efforts by LBJ to realize the cultural revolution ideas of minority power, feminism, and war without sanction.  Resistance floated through the 70’s where a counter-revolution seemed to happen in the 80’s proved illusory by the 90’s.  All the social ethics of the 60’s were essentially adopted and accepted, leading today’s politically correct culture to rise.

Consider the efforts by Obama, which built upon the strong foundation left by LBJ as a multi-generational project, to remake the country by changing our demographics.  What the 1965 Hart-Celler Act began by opening America up to Third World immigration, chain migration, and a lottery system for who would be admitted, has been amplified through successive amnesties from Republicans and Democrats alike.  Obama’s open borders and refugee policies only made more blatant what the American government, in service to the Marxist Left, has been doing for a very long time which is seeding new people in the deliberate intent to outvote people who believe in traditional limited government, liberty, and national sovereignty.

Trump’s election was driven, in no small part, to reverse both these cultural trends and to stop the flow of immigration into America.  But as history shows, even a successful presidency has only served to slow the implementation of what the Left intends, leading to the acceptance of their basic action following the countervailing administration and a steady march leftward for the United States.  While embracing social welfare and the cultural revolution were bad enough, those could be undone with policy and determination.  The transformation of America, as we see happening already in Europe, through shifting demographics is end game for the Left.

Voting habits are indisputable.  White voters in America are the only group who vote Republican, with 58% having voted for Trump in the most recent election.  Compare this number to 65% of Asians, 66% of Latinos, and 89% of Blacks who voted for Hillary.  There is no election in American history since the 1960’s when the Democrats embraced racial politics full force where minorities have ever voted for Republicans at the national level, and these trends, correcting for a candidate like Obama who for obvious reasons of identity was able to get historically high support, are only accelerating.

At the same time minorities are more likely to vote Democrat, their numbers are growing.  According to current US Census estimates, America is now only 61% white.  Whites also have a declining birth rate as opposed to every other group who are becoming a larger share of the electorate.  Growth is most pronounced in Hispanics who have surged to become over 18% of the population, joining blacks at 13% and Asians at 6%.  Such figures only contemplate growth due to children being born, not accounting for the many legal and illegal immigrants, as well as refugees, who as added accelerate these trends.  Absent immigration, people who study these statistics estimate the tipping point is just one generation away in the 2040’s.

Given that more non-white children are being born today than white children, the radicalization of leftist ideology to legally enfranchise doctrines like white privilege which advocate for whites having fewer rights, it’s not hard to imagine what this future will look like absent some radical change.  Twenty to thirty years from now, a majority minority America will lean left, support socialism, and be closing in on nearly one hundred years of doctrine where successive generations will have been taught by schools at every level that the sole impediment to social justice in America has been white civilization, and the various ideas upon which it built America.  One need only look at the Marxist ideas coming from colleges and universities today as proof.

As the immigration and social policy of the Left realize the establishment of a permanent majority habituated to living off redistribution from the now white minority, the shrinking remnant will be targeted more deeply for economic sanction, political disenfranchisement, and social shaming.

We know this because there have been no other countries in history, besides the white countries of the West, who have ever voluntarily given away control over lands they possess.  In every other instance, which remains the case today in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, those of the dominant nationality conduct a logical foreign policy to ensure ethnic homogeneity for stability and mutual benefit.  In those instances where formerly white run colonial enterprises where any substantial number of settlers stayed behind, we see how the whites have been subject to exploitation, expropriation, and even genocide.

Zimbabwe is one example.  The country formerly known as Rhodesia, destroyed through international blockades, was delivered to tribal leadership who proceeded through several different organized murder schemes against farmers.  In fact, the situation became so bad these once fertile lands were no longer able to feed the existing African population, but as there were few whites left to help, the country slid into decay after rounds where this sad happenstance recurred.

South Africa, once a First World nation, has gone down the same pathway as a prosperous country was handed over to the Africa majority who had been motivated by many decades of communist ideology, beginning with Mandela whose legacy is whitewashed to appear a friendly leader, but whose party and policies were hard-line communist.  Now, we see a nation which has gone from food exportation to food importation, where cities run short on water, and brutal murders are increasingly common.  Recently, laws were passed in parliament whereby whites can have their lands taken without any recompense, adding to restrictions already in place whereby whites cannot get licensed for business, and are being restricted from emigration.

The violence committed against these people is pure savagery and barbarism.  Imagine children being drowned in bathtubs after being raped before their parents.  People are made to drink gasoline and then set on fire and rolled down the street stuffed in a tire as a warning.  Lest you think only Africans practice such heinous acts, ask a Vietnam veteran about their stories from Asia or check out how the Latino cartels handle not just their enemies, but regularly assassinate mayors whose version of justice impinges upon their business.  Violence is the reality of the world, and while we in the West have compartmentalized these actions, the rest of the world does not.

The West refuses to believes these examples, thinking their values of liberty, property, and the rule of law are universal.  In fact, these are unique cultural elements of white western culture, and while other people can enjoy them, especially when they are in the minority, they do not represent how the rest of the world organizes, and our assumption that our system will somehow magically convert people from different cultures to have these beliefs is not just short-sighted, but quite probably suicidal.  That we continue to believe this will happen, whether in our interventions abroad or more dangerously, as we bring people into our host nation as we are in America, against all evidence, is an absurdity that drives the current crisis.

Because of our own unique cultural beliefs in individualism influenced by Christian universalism, the Right has allowed the Left to import whomever they wanted for many decades under the assumption our system would lift these people to our level.  While they have indubitably gained economically, if we honestly assess culture and politics, have we not seen the Left realize the opposite?  In culture, we have gone from a single ideal based on virtue and hard work to a proliferation of ideas all opposed to one another, leading to rises in drugs, violence, breakdown of the family, and other social ills.  In response to this as well as based on Marxist doctrine itself, government has become larger, more expansive, more powerful, and less accountable.  An honest assessment would be the price of America becoming more diverse is we have become not just less united, but also more like every other country.

As more Americans awaken to this startling reality, we face a choice.  Should we choose not to act, America will walk the path of South Africa.  Such declination may be gradual over thirty years or as abrupt as ten years, but without wholesale policy and immigration changes, these will come.  Those who lean Right, who are overwhelmingly from the white majority, will need to embrace race realism to survive, and furthermore, will need to act upon their interest.

Although the civil nationalism espoused by Trump has much to commend it, with immigration policies based on merit, an end to the visa lottery, and an end to chain migration as a good start, such actions only ensure the coming demographic collapse approaches at a more moderate pace.  Even a hard moratorium on immigration on a race-blind basis, more than either party has the courage to commit to publicly, will not reverse the trend whereby the future is populated by a majority who lean heavily to the Left.

The presumption civic nationalists offer is the economic prosperity currently being generated will be sufficient to transform minority voting patterns.  Although there are certainly individual examples of conversion, there is zero evidence to suggest these trends are being realized in anything close to resembling mass adoption as needed.  The historical pattern is times of prosperity tend to heighten alienation between the white majority and minorities as the Democrats tend to use such times to highlight cultural messages based on resentment and envy when unable to use economics as their primary focus.  We see this happening today in the public radicalism and extremism.

Since the Right does not control culture or media, it has limited efficacy in countering this narrative.  To succeed, civic nationalism would require its own ability to broadcast culture at a mass level, and while gains have been made in creating a counter-culture, what Trump’s election ha s facilitated is a system wide crackdown on rightward dissent at the global level.  While traditional media and academia steadily beat out the communist line, the Internet itself is being increasingly regulated, with comments being hidden, voices being marginalized, and even speech being criminalized in some places, always to the Right.  For those who persist, they lose their jobs, their friends, and occasionally, their lives.  To this point, the civic nationalists have done nothing about this, other than to bemoan unequal treatment.

Were civic nationalism to succeed, it would have to convert minorities to a well-articulated culture and use the legal authority which it should have in America at least, through control of all three nominal branches of government, to restrict and remove the Left’s dominance in culture.  The Republicans are not doing this and will not do this for fear of being called racist and the criticism the media would therein generate.  But, even presuming they could, the Left took nearly one hundred years to gain their dominance in culture, and the Right, working through voluntary means, would take about half that in a best-case scenario to reach parity.  As demographics show, that’s about seventy years too late to matter.

All these facts considered, the civic nationalism of Trump will fail in preventing victory by the Left in the cultural civil war now starting unless it does one of two things and perhaps both.  It must either find a way to permanently realize power for the Right and remake the cultural apparatus of education and media to no longer actively promote communist ideals and minority radicalization, which could only be undertaken under martial law scenarios.  Or, conversely, it could act decisively to try to change the population mix, increasing the white population and radicalization through immigration, family planning, and selective migration.  It’s very possible, to preserve the culture and identity upon which liberty depends and has only ever existed, both will be necessary.  It’s also almost certainly the case such policies could never be successfully enacted through the conventional political process, and either would quite possibly lead to insurrection by the Left.

The refusal to act leads to a victory for the Left by default.  While the current situation of the Right controlling government presents the appearance that the Left is in greater peril, even eight years of Trump will do little more to stop the march leftward of America than eight years of Eisenhower did in slowing welfare or Reagan in stopping cultural Marxism.  The only difference is should the Trump years prove a respite instead of a revolution, our future will be one where our destines are not our own to decide.

If we wait until then to act, we will be forced to fight a battle against a hostile government, a socialist or communist majority, and with innumerable technological and surveillance challenges.  Furthermore, we will have consigned yet another generation to the very education system that loves to teach these Marxist ideals, even more radicalized than the street violence we see from groups like antifa today.  Our odds in such a fight would be considerably worse than they are today where we still have parity numerically and the considerable advantage, at least temporarily, of a government not diametrically opposed to the people and their liberties.

If the Left was smart, they would just keep quiet through the reign of Trump, as older more shrewd hands with the Democrats advocate.  They know they are on the verge of ultimate victory in remaking America as well as the West.  Yet, their fatal flaw is the people they have so agitated against the majority are hungry for power, and in their taste for control, reveal their true nature in how violently they stalk the streets and how they show no care for the rule of law, but only that of the jungle.  They would take power if we give them the opportunity.

How we face this challenge and articulate our own ideals, wanting to preserve our liberty, needing to defend our people, but seeking to retain our morality in the most responsible manner is our crisis.  For we, we civilized few, cannot simply engage in a battle where we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  But I venture this:  Even if we cannot simply make this us versus them, which I understand would undo too much good work done to awaken people to the light of reason and the comforts of faith, can we not at least hold accountable those who refuse to awaken?

If we do not, we have already surrendered.  I love my nation too much for that, and in asking these hard questions, the National Right will seek to find this path to preserve our liberties.  I have no illusions this will be an easy road and will state very publicly that fighting seems far preferable to me than surrender.  A movement with no future is one which cannot win, and our challenge together is how we make sure the best ideas of our past find new meaning as we step into this most uncertain future?

When we answer that question, we will be ready to stand in opposition to the Left.  Until then, for all we have accomplished, we have not yet truly begun to fight.

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Steps Ahead

Since I’ve been writing books, I haven’t had the opportunity to write as many blog posts of late.  I’ve also restrained myself because I’ve been negotiating with a number of different people and entities to expand the efforts of the National Right.

There is no substitute for building outward from solid principles, and having an organization committed to core beliefs that make sense.   In our American Covenant, we begin with a community developed platform that represents a meaningful consensus from the Right that is unapologetic, rooted in fact and tradition, and represents a solid beginning.  But we will do more.

I’m about a month away from finishing my next book provisionally titled The Coming Civil War which suggests how the current political conflict may evolve.  I am not putting a time table on anything in how events play out, but I note the rising radicalization should be troubling.  We see more signs each day how the radical left is becoming stronger, bolder, and more threatening to our national rights.  Although different groups are speaking out and more Americans become aware each day, there is not an organized resistance to these efforts.  We will endeavor our damnedest to change that.

I’m talking with many talented people, including some with resources and experience the movement has not enjoyed before, to put together a strong message.  It starts with recognizing our opponents are Marxists, or how we had the courage to once say, communists.  What they offer is what we fought for generations to oppose in America, and we must pick up the struggle once more.  We should be honest about who these people are, what groups support them, and make clear to the public this information.

In contrast, we will stand up for bedrock values.  We will protect our families, support our faith, restore the morals that sustained us, and defend our liberties against any threat.  We will invest our energy in America, bringing back our best men to support us here at home, supporting businesses who build and spend here, and offer our support to the Trump America First agenda.  America owes its loyalty to its people, not foreigners with foreign beliefs, and we must stand up and make clear these fights are the future.

As this evolves, I’ll articulate this message more clearly, and I continue to work to improve this.  I am but one man, with a message rooted in truth in decency, but I will share it and find others who want to speak and work toward the same.  People tell me victory is not possible, but I know this is a lie, because we had the country we loved once, and I refuse to believe people are unwilling to work, or even fight if necessary, to restore an America with a common culture, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

We mouthed those words for years.  It’s time to live them once more.  This is our challenge, to assume our National Right.

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Choose Quality Over Equality

Those of us on the right have been tricked into fighting a losing battle.  While it would sound that being, broadly speaking, the movement which served the interests of individuals as individuals, allowing people to define themselves, would reach the largest target audience with a set of ideas, the problem is this message also encourages each of us to retreat into our own individually comfortable version of perfection, and to exist as apart as our lives and means allow.

It is also why the left has been winning the culture war for a very long time.  While we have focused our idealism into our virtues and discourse, the left has made their radical ideal of equality at all costs real by bringing people together with simple rhetoric, growing numbers based on resentment, and showing no restraint in using any and all institutions to push their collectivism.  And because they have numbers and the will to power, they are forcing their ideas upon generation after generation while we bicker amongst ourselves.

The American Covenant and the ten principles shared therein offer a roadmap for how we unite ourselves despite our continuing differences, but all the policy prescriptions in the world will do nothing until we begin to embrace some larger sense of group identity.  The goal is not to forget our individual traits, but to remember we share other identities, some chosen and some innate, which also impact heavily how we live and when we run from these, we reduce our own capacity to impact change.

Let’s make our radical battle for the future not to argue just “I can do whatever I want”, but instead shift to the more inspirational, “I will aspire to that which is best, and in every group where I belong, embrace the same ideal.”  We can have pride in ourselves and our groups, including our race, culture, and faith, and this can only strengthen our resolve.  There is no cause for shame when one group does better than another – an incredibly destructive delusions we reflexively apologize for feeling far too often.

Quality over quantity needs to be the message delivered.  We no longer apologize or feel guilt for our successes, but instead take pride in those achievements.  Instead of reducing ourselves to those who cannot keep up, serving prostrate at their inadequacy, let us strive to better our own accomplishments and forget the guilt others would place on us.  We seek to be moral, caring as much for virtue as material success, but we must categorically reject this toxic idea of equality.

Freedom is inherently the right to be unequal.

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The Crisis of the West

First, allow me to welcome those visiting the National Right website for the first time after reading my newest book: Someone Has To Say It: The Hidden History of How America Was Lost.  If you haven’t read it yet, check it out on Amazon, or send me an e-mail if you would like an autographed paperback copy.  I’m flattered by all the kind reviews, and glad to be able to contribute in some small way to a more honest understanding of American history.  People need to understand how the radical left, Communists and Marxists, engineered the gradual takeover of our state and destruction of our civil society as a precursor to fixing the problems in our nation.

We think of the question as political, but it really isn’t:  Instead, I would argue it is moral, cultural, and financial.  Our troubles politically are just a reflection of the problems emerging from these areas, so let me talk about each.

The moral decline of our people is in the deliberate introduction of nihilism, accomplished through the splintering of our nation into a thousand subgroups incapable of working with one another.  Such discord has been cast into all areas of life from the biggest national endeavors into the family itself, where the perpetually stoked war between men and women serves to keep us from working in harmony to protect our children, raising them with confidence and character.  We live in a world where judgment itself is miscast as prejudice, making it impossible to use reason or defend our nature to assert righteousness.  Post-morality is the slow death of indulgence.

We accept such a dismal fate in large numbers because people believe we have no future.  As the single American culture of achievement through hard work gave way to subgroups that fester on resentment and redistribution, control was taken of the narrative to make the majority feel shame for our many accomplishments.  Western civilization itself became an albatross, where our traditions were derided and instead supplanted by either nothing or promises of foreign superiority.  With shame for our past, we are told we deserve no future, and so many people accept all we deserve is the comforts of the day, quietly giving way in our countries from America to Europe.  Specifically, these attacks continue daily, relentlessly, overtly and covertly against the white population, who for the first time in history are a race with hatred for themselves so bad they’d contemplate civilization suicide, guilty for the crimes we’ve been falsely accused of committing.

Such a message would seem impossibly unhealthy for people to adopt, but it exists because throughout the world, a small group of people serve as financial controllers.  Operating in a world where the rules are so different than what ordinary citizens face, their command of finance allows them essentially limitless resources with which to push a message which elevates the least capable and suppresses the most capable.  At heart of this is the population displacement agenda, accomplishing the twin goals of spreading financial hegemonic control through central banking and their vassal global institutions, and simultaneously depleting those nations most capable of offering resistance on any other basis to this effort.  Furthermore, they own enough of the people in both parties, either directly or indirectly through their promises of financial support that legislation to hinder their ambitions will never become a priority under the current political rules.

States rise and nations are destroyed.  Institutions dominate our society, and we are told these act on their own interest, yet they act in a strange vacuum where no personal responsibility is ever assigned to any group or individuals for these actions.  A strange pale of inevitability is cast, yet we can break through these.  We can admit very powerful and wealthy people, aristocrats from the west, have put the concerns of a small group above the nations which sustain them.  Transnational actors and rootless cosmopolitans, we must identify these people, groups, and institutions specifically and call them out for their malice.

But it is not enough to just point out the bad actors and bad ideas proliferating in our country and poisoning minds and hearts.  We must offer an alternative, one that inspires people and builds upon our traditions and aspirations.  We must identify and encourage those who are, starting with the most basic of traits:  Those related to us and who live close to us, to renew the American Covenant.  Today, I am rebranding what we previously called our Ten Commandments to this title, because we must act in faith in search of this promise, that a good and just people who act without fear and with strength will succeed against any obstacle.  Our enemies are hateful, many and powerful, yet for all their resources, their essential weakness is fatal:  They are rooted in hatred – of us, of themselves, and of humanity.

We must learn how to fight that weakness by making ourselves impermeable to their weapons.  Such a struggle will be long and painful, but also rewarding and winnable.  With clear moral principles and determination to cast off the yoke upon us, our National Right serves as a common space to lead the way for the different people and groups who all share this goal and identify the common and most wicked threat.


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Tom’s New Book

To give some background on why I founded the National Right and how our nation has found itself in the current predicament where up is down and crazy is normal, I’m proud to present to you “Someone Has to Say It: The Hidden History of How America was Lost”.  In 238 pages, I cover American history from the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank to the current day, explaining how the state has been grown larger and larger by having certain vested interests use their wealth and power to divide us against one another, and present themselves again and again as the solution.

The ideas in this book have cost people their lives and livelihood, and so publishing these publicly was a serious decision.  But Americans deserve to know the truth, or at least a version of events that actual fit the facts as opposed to the fantasy we are told.  We see how our country is slipping away, a slide into degeneracy bolstered by population replacement sponsored by the left.  People often ask me how did this happen, and the answer is much more quietly than people think, one small step at a time.

For more answers to these questions, I encourage you to purchase the book and welcome your feedback.  For convenience, both a digital and paperback version are posted at  If you want an alternative means to purchase, please contact me directly at and we can work something out.


In many ways, this book is the genesis of the National Right concept, and I think everyone will have some interesting and potentially troubling thoughts from reading my text.  While you may not agree with everything, the point is to advance the discussion and to bring the questions we’re not supposed to ask into the light.


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The National Right Model

Movements get themselves into trouble when they argue over the finer points of doctrine and about the realization of an ideal.  No two people share the exact same vision or list of priorities and thinking about politics that way while useful for determining philosophy, is not so helpful in hitting the field.  To unite people, a basic common ground is needed that can bring people together for the shared interest of the defense of mutual interest.

We start with our 10 Commandments and we also end there.  These are the basic challenges we identified as a group that America faces, and we’re going to welcome people to join this effort on the clear basis and unquestioned understanding these principles will guide our effort.  If we build outward, it will only be in opposition to those who push ideas which clearly oppose the core beliefs and program, and that will be a much more productive model.

But beyond the politics, the National Right will place on emphasis on bringing people together.  So often, due to the nature and threats of political life, people cannot gather in comfort and camaraderie with people of common resolve.  Our hope is to change this, and to take a simple idea and build state, county, and local lodges where individuals and families who share these ideas will gather.  Not to discuss politics, but to know they are not alone and to build friendship and support to end our isolation and seclusion.

As this effort evolves, look for the Pine Lodge concept to grow, and it’s an opportunity for everyone who believes in the ideas and in America to build your own personal network.  You pick your associations, but take strength in knowing we can support one another.

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Direct Action Versus Elections

Most political movements express as their primary goal the effort to win elections to effectuate their policy ends.  While the National Right celebrates the election of all those who share our core beliefs, our understanding is shaped by a more realistic view of the political process and the understanding the American people do not own our politicians.

As example, think of various political movements we have seen in our lifetime.  One easy example which should be fresh in the mind is the Tea Party movement which sprung into office throughout Congress in 2010 and which promised a return to more Constitutional governance.  By 2012, the movement was so influential that Obama was re-elected, and the people who had been elected started looking elsewhere for financial support rather than in the grassroots movement which may have legitimately spawned their political careers.

Having been around politics for a while, it’s a recurring trend in both parties that the candidates learn quickly to invest in those permanent interests which always seek assistance from government, knowing they will be reliable donors election cycle after cycle.  Admittedly, the left does this more blatantly, but between the Chamber of Commerce and various defense contractors, it’s no accident Republican policy might pay lip service to small government and closed borders, but votes for cheap labor and the warfare state again and again.

Were we to invest ourselves too heavily in the electoral process, we would resign ourselves to being cheerleaders for our version of the losing team, the Republican Party.  Through the last few decades, they have proved their conservatism at best provides only a respite to the assault on our values and demography the left has launched to radically remake this country.  A nationalist response, firm and unyielding in support of our values is required, but due to a hostile media, we see the leadership of the party retreat again and again.

Their calculations are based upon pleasing the donor class and mollifying the corporate media which will not allow certain ideas to be expressed.  They run a constant campaign against white folk as means to legitimate the effort to legalize millions of invaders into Americans to change who votes and why, to ensure a permanent leftist majority.   They assault the traditional family and divide men and women into a supposed war against each other, seeking to deny traditional authority and the stability family provides against unjust governance.  They have no money to protect our citizens, but plenty enough for wars anywhere around the world and to sustain the banks who get rich off these conflicts.

A good member of the party overlooks these obvious failures as the cost of business.  Here on the National Right, we know we have made such excuses for too long and it has cost us our values, our institutions, and our very sense of self.  Instead, now we define who we are, take direct action to support those who help us and seek to remove those who oppress us, and count upon the will, passion, and integrity of our supporters to make the difference.

We are not a 50%+1 solution.  We do not believe in this bought and corrupted democracy, a pale shade of the republic which once wisely governed this land.  We are the 10% of people who are aware, awake, and willing to act.  Our future is for us to determine, but whatever happens, we commit to direct action as the guarantee that our values remain at the center of our movement, rather than fighting a retreating action against a triumphant left and their coalition of the ascendant.

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Coming Soon

The National Right website is currently under construction.  We look forward to launching soon.

Our effort is to unite the right behind the four core principles of responsibility, liberty, morality, and identity.  We fight for quality over quantity, for achievement over equality, and for creation versus stagnation.

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