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Tom’s New Book

To give some background on why I founded the National Right and how our nation has found itself in the current predicament where up is down and crazy is normal, I’m proud to present to you “Someone Has to Say It: The Hidden History of How America was Lost”.  In 238 pages, I cover American history from the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank to the current day, explaining how the state has been grown larger and larger by having certain vested interests use their wealth and power to divide us against one another, and present themselves again and again as the solution.

The ideas in this book have cost people their lives and livelihood, and so publishing these publicly was a serious decision.  But Americans deserve to know the truth, or at least a version of events that actual fit the facts as opposed to the fantasy we are told.  We see how our country is slipping away, a slide into degeneracy bolstered by population replacement sponsored by the left.  People often ask me how did this happen, and the answer is much more quietly than people think, one small step at a time.

For more answers to these questions, I encourage you to purchase the book and welcome your feedback.  For convenience, both a digital and paperback version are posted at  If you want an alternative means to purchase, please contact me directly at and we can work something out.


In many ways, this book is the genesis of the National Right concept, and I think everyone will have some interesting and potentially troubling thoughts from reading my text.  While you may not agree with everything, the point is to advance the discussion and to bring the questions we’re not supposed to ask into the light.