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Direct Action Versus Elections

Most political movements express as their primary goal the effort to win elections to effectuate their policy ends.  While the National Right celebrates the election of all those who share our core beliefs, our understanding is shaped by a more realistic view of the political process and the understanding the American people do not own our politicians.

As example, think of various political movements we have seen in our lifetime.  One easy example which should be fresh in the mind is the Tea Party movement which sprung into office throughout Congress in 2010 and which promised a return to more Constitutional governance.  By 2012, the movement was so influential that Obama was re-elected, and the people who had been elected started looking elsewhere for financial support rather than in the grassroots movement which may have legitimately spawned their political careers.

Having been around politics for a while, it’s a recurring trend in both parties that the candidates learn quickly to invest in those permanent interests which always seek assistance from government, knowing they will be reliable donors election cycle after cycle.  Admittedly, the left does this more blatantly, but between the Chamber of Commerce and various defense contractors, it’s no accident Republican policy might pay lip service to small government and closed borders, but votes for cheap labor and the warfare state again and again.

Were we to invest ourselves too heavily in the electoral process, we would resign ourselves to being cheerleaders for our version of the losing team, the Republican Party.  Through the last few decades, they have proved their conservatism at best provides only a respite to the assault on our values and demography the left has launched to radically remake this country.  A nationalist response, firm and unyielding in support of our values is required, but due to a hostile media, we see the leadership of the party retreat again and again.

Their calculations are based upon pleasing the donor class and mollifying the corporate media which will not allow certain ideas to be expressed.  They run a constant campaign against white folk as means to legitimate the effort to legalize millions of invaders into Americans to change who votes and why, to ensure a permanent leftist majority.   They assault the traditional family and divide men and women into a supposed war against each other, seeking to deny traditional authority and the stability family provides against unjust governance.  They have no money to protect our citizens, but plenty enough for wars anywhere around the world and to sustain the banks who get rich off these conflicts.

A good member of the party overlooks these obvious failures as the cost of business.  Here on the National Right, we know we have made such excuses for too long and it has cost us our values, our institutions, and our very sense of self.  Instead, now we define who we are, take direct action to support those who help us and seek to remove those who oppress us, and count upon the will, passion, and integrity of our supporters to make the difference.

We are not a 50%+1 solution.  We do not believe in this bought and corrupted democracy, a pale shade of the republic which once wisely governed this land.  We are the 10% of people who are aware, awake, and willing to act.  Our future is for us to determine, but whatever happens, we commit to direct action as the guarantee that our values remain at the center of our movement, rather than fighting a retreating action against a triumphant left and their coalition of the ascendant.