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Why White Pride is Essential

The national myth has been that identity politics is a relatively new phenomenon, at least within the larger White community.  While your average conservative might concede that race-conscious politics have long been practiced by the Left, primarily for the nominal benefit of minority groups to secure their votes, a most cynical and effective strategy, the conceit enjoyed by most on the Right is that we have been promoting a meritocracy whereby race has no meaning.  But is that true?

If Republicans really believed that, why did they so meekly submit to allowing affirmative action, a program which explicitly offered benefit on a racial basis to non-Whites in a host of different areas, for decades?  Could it be that beneath the veneer of detached egalitarianism, people on the Right tacitly accepted that race runs deeper than skin color, and that whatever lip service would be paid to actual equality, that the state would have to nudge minorities along a different path?

White interests could never be baldly stated in this scenario because they would negate the work the civic nationalists were conducting in trying to assimilate the minorities in this country to the values of the time.  This luxury and deception was permissible when America remained 90% White, and the minorities were but a small segment of the country, but as we enter the era of multicultural nirvana, such obfuscation of the interests of what is still the primary American racial identity has huge and potentially calamitous consequence.  White values that remain only implicit and worked when we were the majority are now being outright dismantled, and because so many still refuse to speak on this basis, no effective defense is being mounted.

The values Whites adopted in America are the ones we defend here at the National Right.  They represent traditionalism, such as marriage between one man and one woman, respect for one’s elders, reverence for Christianity, and a belief in both nature and logic as keystones for how we structure our society.  Those values are being destroyed by diversity, a bastardization of the Marxist belief that more is better so long as it negates existing values in favor of a range of meaningless options rebranded more appealingly as tolerance.  Yet, when no one agrees on anything, while one may tolerate anything, how can society do anything other than decay as common purpose fails?

This is where we are, and it is because White people have adopted a negative identity.  What does this mean?  We are the eternal other who is always defined by those who have been activated against us, the realization of their fears and anxieties without ever having to bothered to articulate our own positive self-assessment.  Vitally, in our very refusal to accept ourselves and choosing to pretend race is not real, we have allowed ourselves to slowly drift toward the impression others have drawn upon us.  As the Left would tell the story, we were a cruel and violent people who only sought to exploit the other, and our only legitimate place now is to fade into history, submit to the grievances aligned and fabricated against us, reject our own history and speak of our past only with shame and welcome its destruction.

I cannot begin to say how unfathomable this deceit truly is, but like any other movement, the strange dictum whereby the larger the lie, the more likely it is to go unquestioned applies here.  Whites are the only people in world history to willingly welcome the stranger into their midst as full partners, an act of generosity which has spread technology and advancement worldwide, and which has improved the lives of billions of people.  The cultural heritage of Whites worldwide is of inestimable value and has served as the foundation for our modern world, yet the White identity we’ve adopted and perversely defended for years is to refuse this categorization.

Some oppose this because they are ardent individualists, a trait that is once again uniquely White in comparison to other world civilizations.  Others, accept the blame placed upon us by the other, accepting the propaganda, and choose never to offer resistance, but to simply flee or fade into the background.  From the most hardcore progressive to even President Trump, the extent to which every “respectable” person in America shies away from defense of Whites, even as they laud even trifling accomplishments by other races is revealing.

We have a White identity, but it has been for at least sixty years now to deny ourselves.  A negative, self-hating narrative, it is nonetheless accepted by both sides, because without any expressed alternative, Whites are deemed unworthy of pride and respect.  And when the majority of this nation, whatever the decency or folly of their original intent, accepts this premise, it cannot help but lead to a lack of confidence, a lack of pride, and growing indifference about the future and less investment in themselves.

Meritocracy is a great thing and a fair form of governance, but it alone will not reverse the moral degradation our people face.  We need to be proud to be White again, to assert our accomplishments, reclaim and defend our history, and with respect for all others and their equal claim to such fair analysis, demand we be held only to the same standard as are all others, and end this false guilt complex we’ve adorned for far too long.

Taking a stronger stand will lead to conflict.  But this is what we need:  To have moral courage to defend our values, which are also part of our racial legacy just as much as cultural.  For those who worry about how this will be perceived, allow me to help:  The media will hate you even more, but believe you are exactly the same as they think now, and those minorities whom you worry about offending will either support you for standing on values and for your self-worth, or continue their assault form the Left.

But we are in a cultural war, and we need to fight from a position of strength, capable of going on the offensive from every angle.  And our racial identity is the first wall for American defense that needs to be rebuilt, and once it is, I suspect people will be surprised how quickly the other bricks arise for all the other walls we need to build.  Only once we address this vulnerability can we begin tearing down those institutions that tricked us into doing this to ourselves.

There is nothing more natural than pride in your people.  You feel it as an American.  You feel it as a traditionalist.  You feel it without hate.  And you know, you can do it about your race also.  White identity is real:  It’s up to you if we decide what it means or if we let our enemies choose.

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