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How Civic Nationalism Failed

While the Democrats have not yet realized their coalition of the ascendant, the reality is they have achieved a coalition of the impenetrable.  Their collection of racial and other outcast identity groups have shown themselves to be reliable and impervious to Republican efforts to reach them with opportunity or economic benefit.  Put more bluntly, no matter how much wealth and engagement the Right offers, it simply cannot match the resentment-based grievance politics where the Left promises a new political structure with them at the top, taking all the way from the productive majority.

Ironically, all our economic victories are doing now is facilitating the means to fund Leftist cruelty for a whole generation where a complicit media will do their bidding as they did throughout the last two years.  Republicans always run on economic stewardship, failing to realize people take credit for economic good times as their own actions, only seeking government help when things go poorly and they seek to cast blame elsewhere.  Success always goes unappreciated in such ways.

But what really matters about the 2018 midterm is not so much who won, but what was demonstrated about the value of Trump’s outreach to minority voters.  It failed, and that failure shows that identity politics now owns the Left, and as they continue to drive the cultural model, identity politics will consume America.  90% of Blacks and 65% of Latinos, as always, voted for the Democrats.  Over 70% of Asians joined their coalition.  Interestingly and predictably, they turned out more aggressively to support their own.  These trends will only become more pronounced and given how identity has become the preferred cause of the Marxists, we will see socialism push minorities further left.

Trump made an outstanding effort to share an America based on opportunity and commonality.  But it failed, and instead of beating ourselves up into saying we must try harder, we need to have a darker conversation about how some people, in this environment, just will not be able to be reached.  We lack control over our own culture to assimilate people, so conducting politics on this idea that day will come is a death sentence for our liberties and the rule of law we currently still retain.  The sooner we accept this, the better ground we’ll have for the now inevitable fight ahead.

Nationalism is about defining who fits into the country and who does not.  It’s time we stop pretending everyone belongs and organize the people together who are willing to fight in defense of our beliefs, at the ballot box and beyond.  As impolitic as it is to state so openly, it’s not difficult to identify the nationalists.

We are the people who support the principles upon which both this country was founded and the civilization which birthed it.  We will have to be the voice for Whites and our rights against minorities who seek to constrain and punish us.  We will also, however, continue to be morally driven, recognizing those 10% of Blacks and 35% of Latinos who are citizens who have done the right thing are our allies and not our enemies.  And we will have to have hard conversations about demography, leadership, and the realization that an America which ceases to be majority White will inevitably go into decline, perhaps precipitously.

Trump tried the other way.  He tried doing things the nice way, but people have spoken and elections have consequences.  We should listen and plan accordingly.  The National Right is open to all who share our values, but uniquely, we are going to be unrepentant in pointing out those who do not, and both individually and by group, identify our enemies and work against their interests.

Identity politics are here to stay, and as much as Republicans will choose to signal against this, so long as the Democrats organize, govern, and agitate as such, unless our success is absolute, an unwillingness to engage on the same level only ensures our identity is further denuded and unable to compete.  We must assert our values and our heritage, both American and Western, with equal force and vigor to compete.

This is why we exist outside the GOP.  We are the people who see what is coming and do not constrain ourselves to one set of solutions when it comes to issues as important as preserving our families and our beloved nation.  Nationalism isn’t dead…this idea it can be all things to all people is, and good riddance.

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