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A Response to the Social Justice Left

A Response to the Social Justice Left
A Critique of the Coalition of the Discontent

The social justice left, which is a revolutionary movement in its own right, has hijacked the traditional left-wing position based upon economic redistribution on a color blind basis with respect for the law and understanding for respective national traditions, and instead grown by the very basic strategy of gathering all those who have grievances with the existent culture and promising to remedy their concerns by taking from those whom they envy.  It would undoubtedly pain them to hear their lofty ideology explained in such venial terms, but as has ever been the case with Marxist informed thinking, their solution to unhappiness is to take from those who build and give to those who don’t.  But whereas previous generations were content to keep their efforts at blackmail to the financial realm, the social justice warriors demand we give up everything.

They demand we surrender our nations, calling upon the majorities of every nation in the west to be transformed in their very being through demographic displacement and displacement.  To build upon their coalition of the discontent, they universally support open borders, mass migration, and argue for the justice of surrendering all that was built in the host nation to the new arrivals.  A time existed when even those on the left would have seen such actions as betrayal of the entire nation, realizing the poor they were nominally hoping to help within the country certainly could not benefit from more stress on already overtaxed social welfare networks, but that’s where social justice warriors are a revolutionary leap forward.

The welfare state is only a means to an end for today’s socialist and would be communist.  They see human migration as the wedge by which they can disrupt democratic balances and seize permanent and actionable majorities to enable full state control of the economy.  We see how the left builds parallel structures in towns, cities, and on college campuses, as guides to how they will rule should we be complacent enough to allow this trend to continue unhindered.

The social justice left insists the very culture that built our current civilization and the very people who contributed most have committed the original crime of injustice so badly that we are beyond redemption.  Like a twisted religion, grace may be granted to those of the majority who tirelessly prostrate themselves at the feet of the noble savage, whose scantly developed territories we built into modern civilization, ironically enabling this dangerous pathology, but always with the recollection that we who were builders are at fault.  Whites – guilty.  Men – guilty.  Heterosexuals – guilty.  Christians – guilty.  Nationalists – guilty.  Conservatives – guilty.  We who built, based upon a genuine search for virtue and an understanding of the limits and balance between nature and reason are excoriated by the radical egalitarian who promises a heaven on earth, material comfort for all with judgment for none.

The only price for admission is our very humanity.  If we forego excellence and the offense we strike by asserting that sometimes one idea is better than another, and those observations that one group of people is not the same as their neighbors, they promise we will all delight.  If we ignore our essential nature, forgetting that men and women are different entities who served different purposes in our society for reasons which were clearly not arbitrary, and we give ourselves over to technology, centralization, and urbanization, we can all live happily in little boxes being whatever we want, surviving in our own little universes in perpetuity.

The ultimate triumph of fantasy over reality, the social justice left proliferates by calling upon idealism from the time we can reason, bolstered by a media which starts children with fairy tales based upon false grandeur, amplified by school systems which inculcate hatred against our very past, and topped off by universities who radicalize all who listen against injustice, cultivate such love for what might be that even reality itself which still, despite their best efforts, subscribes to the laws of nature and reason, is buffeted toward submission.  Coupling the learned elite who demand justice with an interminable wave of invaders to serve as shock troops and distraction, they plan to topple the forces who fight to maintain the existing culture, nations, and basic systems of western life like the family, the church, and liberty.

It pains me to admit they have been winning, mainly because while these radical egalitarians were working without pause to destroy all they could in a nihilistic orgy of cultural expression, those who opposed them merely sought to maintain a system, which while obviously flawed, still enjoyed far more currency in allowing for advancement, success, and personal satisfaction.  Our countries allowed for expression of thought, economic achievement, and the fulfillment of visions based not on envy and theft, but also on creation and virtue.

They hate these words.  Because they are the coalition of the discontent whose very promise of power relies upon the most obvious of lies.  They promise everything others built can be handed over first to their supporters, but then to everyone who remains, but they never answer the question of who will be there to provide for all the good things in that future.  And they can’t, because once they’ve taken everything, there will be nothing left to give but human lives in promise to a false idol, communism, as humanity has done again and again.

It has not escaped the attention of an increasing number of people each day this is the road every social justice warrior walks.  In every demonstration and shrill assembly where they gather to fight against reason, people watch the insanity with increasing frustration and quietly building resolve to stand against this sick force of destruction.  Those on the right who fought tirelessly and thanklessly to maintain the system for years, accepting the emotional blackmail the left imposed through culture and language with terms like racism, sexism, antisemitism, xenophobia, bigotry, and the like, a linguistic veil to conceal the invasion of the misanthropes, are giving way to a new generation who has grown up without those same benefits of the good old days to a divided and polarized society, and as such who are immunized against such guilt.

Instead, standing on the abyss of a plunge into the dark heart of socialism, the reactionary moment is arriving and with it a new search for truth has begun.  Realizing the stakes are civilizational and existential, the new wave of thinkers on the right are asking the questions about the sacred cows of the past and finding the lies we’ve been told do not comport with the reality we are facing.  Our nations were not wicked, our people’s struggle was heroic, and we once possessed lands where most were free, many were happy, and the unhappy few were only a fringe, not a demographic to be expanded.  We want that back, and while we, caring far more for the nobility of human life than those who see people as a sausage grinder to be churned in building a radical utopia, we also understand the price we likely must to pay to reclaim our liberty and identity was well articulated by our heroes like Voltaire, Jefferson, Burke, and others.

You challenge our right to exist.  You challenge our right to use reason to discern our world.  You challenge our choice to seek beauty in distinction.  You think you can replace us.  Do you really expect people to sit back passively and watch all they love destroyed?  Do you think your justice so mighty that you get to choose for us that we should simply fade into history which you can then unmake with your lies and propaganda?  Do you think you can censor us into silence or intimidate us into submission?  You can try, but you will not succeed, because ideas now travel at the speed of light.

No man knows his own future.  But know this:  The right is organizing in reaction to what the left has wrought, and everyone from the most milquetoast conservative to the most radical reactionary realizes you’ve painted us all with the same broad brush for destruction, because of the very nature of who we are:  The creators, the sustainers, the life givers.  And where you destroy, we will now build our engines to oppose you and to reclaim what is rightfully ours.  We know you need us far more than we have ever needed you, but we had forgotten that for a season.

Thank you for waking us.  We had forgotten who we were:  Just as you fight for an unrealizable equality, watch now as we show our quality, accepting the diversity of thought your cynical philosophy could never permit, and how we rekindle the men of the west into the force once more than lifted man up from the dust and upward toward the stars.  We know you are a cancer, and we will eradicate your poisonous ideology from our midst or die trying.  We love nothing more than a challenge and fight worth having.

This article was written in response to the article “The Rise of YouTube’s Reactionary Right” by Ezra Klein at Vox.