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How Andrew Jackson solved Donald Trump’s Problem

After having an election stolen from him in 1824, when Andrew Jackson stormed to victory as an outsider in 1828, he faced a very similar problem to what is undermining the efforts of Donald Trump.  A permanent bureaucracy had comfortably settled into place including a revolving door of Congressional appointments to the Cabinet as well as the specter of the Bank of the United States chaired by Nicholas Biddle.  The no-nonsense general went about removing these obstacles to fulfilling his populist promises, and though he had to survive an assassination attempt at point blank range, Old Hickory’s actions parallel perfectly what could help Trump today.

The President of the United States has wide latitude in his authority to conduct the executive functions delineated by the Constitution.  By habit and legal process, we have become accustomed to devolving authority through the Cabinet, but there is no reason the President cannot either directly or through appointed extra-congressional proxy find leadership to whom the bureaucracy can be brought into thrall.  Jackson did precisely the same thing with his famous “kitchen cabinet” where leaders with talent who would not gain Congressional sanction were brought in to provide leadership and guidance.  Trump could do the very same, bringing in outside reformers to drain the swamp, and effectively shut down the government in defense of his policy initiatives, such as the border wall as part of a needed much larger immigration reduction plan, as political sanction for this needed action.

The permanent bureaucracy has come to believe and act as if they represent the true government of the United States.  They do not, they have not, and they must not assume this authority.  If they break Trump, no one will dare challenge their amassed resources and power again, so the time is upon us where the swamp must be drained if peaceful reform is to have any chance of success.  Radical reduction of many of the major bureaucracies is only the first step.

Another step which must follow is to reduce institutions by which the swamp spreads its influence.  Like Jackson, I would argue that targeting the Fed as the single most powerful entity that controls governments through its management of the money supply, is a good place to start.  Return printing of money to the US Treasury and control of money to the people instead of this bank held quasi private corporation.  Other prominent targets should include the CIA, which has clearly ignored its legal prohibition to act upon US soil, and the FBI, whose agents have publicly admitted to wanting to fix election results.  Fire them all, giving control to the military for intelligence and law enforcement functions if needed until such time as a loyal civil service can be restored.

The waiting game benefits neither Trump nor the American people.  They are trying to buy time until they can forge reasons for an impeachment, all in the effort to undermine our entire system of government so that these unelected officials can maintain their privilege and power.  The people see this threat, and after two years of lies bolstered by media deceit, are ready to support our President in acting to remove the parasites from our republic who think themselves our betters.

I only pray Trump has not just the courage, but also the wisdom to act with the intensity and speed required before he dies the death of a thousand paper cuts which these swamp dwellers and those who bankroll them clearly intend.