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Manufactured Consent and the Myth of Leftist Support

Without any doubt, the left enjoys overwhelming cultural dominance.  Their commanding position in academia, media, and the nonprofit sectors attached to culture is unmatched, but from such heights, I’ve noticed many of their adherents push the false belief their culture is universally popular.  As the most recent election revealed, their reach may be wide but it is hardly deep, and I want to talk about this net in which we are ensnared.

At this point in time, the cultural dominance of the left is no longer an organic development of popular expression as it might have been some decades ago, but rather a deliberately manufactured web of connections between institutions designed to force compliance from society through a series of escalating penalties and retributions.  Censorship is now encouraged across emergent platforms to conform with the lines repeated across legacy media, all in service of Marxist ideals which are promoted at any cost and whose opposition must always be suppressed.

The silent majority holds traditional American values.  Belief in the nuclear family, a desire for personal responsibility, morality that is not just subjective, and that all people have intrinsic worth of all identities – including the white majority.  They have been visually assaulted for decades now with ideas designed to confuse, conflating genders in some mad science experiment, attacking virtue and value, and laying the groundwork for the suppression of the majority in advance of a future takedown to unmake America’s culture.  For this to occur, all that is required is our silence for a long enough time for those willing to do anything to take power to succeed.  And, despite the respite Trump is providing – with the potential for a true reversal still in play – they remain close so long as they use their cultural weapons to dictate terms as we see them do through the fake news and crazy ideas.

People would speak out, but they do not want to fight in the realm of ideas.  There is a reason sites no longer carry comments, and those who speak against insanity are either marginalized or banned from the most popular social media platforms.  Big Tech has been a terrible sellout, but predictably so, as the model being pioneered to serve the biggest market, China, is based on a Marxist ideology of information control.  For those who follow the line, social media status – financial comfort and psychological gratification await.  But speak out, and you become a pariah.

Groups like the SPLC and ADL serve as gatekeepers, organizations funded by foreign governments for the subversion of the United States, and who utilize their resources and networking to destroy legitimate dissenting voices who question this agenda.  They use slurs and slanders, the same attacks by which they defame their opponents in an Alinskyite juxtaposition, to compel still people on the right into perpetual division with one another using fear words like racism and worse.  As you will have already noted, their operational definition of racism is a person of a non-approved identity or belief who wants to live freely and assert their own beliefs publicly.  Such nonconformity is not to be permitted, and it is only through these means of public defamation, leading to loss of status and often employment, that these perverse ideas being grafted onto our society can hang on.

We must cast ourselves free of them, and we will begin to win back the ability to have a true cultural fight when we refuse to allow the left to castigate our thinkers on the right who express controversial ideas.  Political correctness is un-American, but more importantly, completely destructive to anything other than a security state where everyone must live a perpetual lie.  Marxists are not bothered by this as they base their whole ideology on the most destructive of lies:  That equal outcomes are the natural result of society.  They never have been, and never can be unless you destroy people as thinking individuals and turn them into machines.  They try.

This is why we take an unequivocal stand in support of free speech.  Free speech is free thought, and without the challenge of ideas, we cannot make the distinctions between good and bad, useful and harmful, and health and wellness.  We believe in quality, and we believe strongly that America believes enough in itself to get past this terrible trap of guilt and intimidation, believing in time the full wickedness of their dehumanizing agenda on the left will become evident and people will be held to account.

Until then, we’re stuck living in the insurgency.  I always tell people keep the ideas alive, and talk to your neighbors, friends, and families away from the prying eyes of those who think they have the authority to force your compliance.  They do not.