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The Coming Civil War

After months of effort, I’m proud to announce The Coming Civil War is now complete and available for purchase.

This was a difficult book to write because facts forced me to draw hard conclusions.  While peace is something for which we should always strive, America is divided in so many different ways with so little good will and commonality between the divisions themselves as well as those on different sides of these conflicts, that outcomes which will not be extremely painful in the short to medium term seem unlikely.

As preview, this book talks about four main divisions tearing our nation asunder:  Ideology (left vs. right), residency (where one lives – town or country), race, and culture.  The nature of these divisions is should any one of these conflicts come to a boiling point where events and irreconcilable differences bring the cold cultural fight to some hot action, it is highly probable every other issue will come into play at precisely the same time.  With a lack of common purpose and agreement between partisans, the center cannot hold.

In admitting such, I do not posit moral equivalency of the sides.  What we could call broadly the left coalition exists to realize radical egalitarianism, struggling against nature itself to equalize outcomes from disparate peoples and ideas, and being willing to use any coercive power to accomplish these ends.  Population displacement, forced censorship, and cultural indoctrination are only the beginning of what they will utilize in their already doomed effort to prove this iteration of the Marxist plot will finally be different.

The right has come lately to this battle, with the last gasp nationalist efforts that sent Trump into office finally recognizing that a cultural retreat across sixty years has done nothing but seen the destruction of the family in many places as well as the induction of the one free civil society that encouraged virtue into the every growing state.  Those targeted for destruction as traditional power centers:  Whites, Christians, men, traditionalists, and those who believe in liberty are being pushed together by mutual threat.  Can we organize?  We’re trying.

Let us not forget the status quo who made up both sides, the wealthy people who sold out America for a comfortable existence, allowing our culture to erode for years, bringing anyone and everyone into this nation.  The left loved the votes.  The right loved the cheap labor.  Neither loved our nation, and even now, our elites still think so globally, imagining the enclaves they’ve produced for themselves represent the reality Americans faced for many years of a country in decline due to neglect and abuse.

The book covers who the players are, what institutions they control, and how they work to protect their prerogatives.  All the relevant angles are covered, and they lead to an inescapable conclusion that one side must take dominance and lead this ship or we will crash upon the rocks with only shattered pieces to remain.

I lay out six scenarios for the future.  None are easy, but if you want to learn more about these as a means to consider what this asks of your family or yourself, consider getting this book.  It will change how you think, give you the facts and information to honestly face hard choices ahead, and might just motivate you to get active now during what will soon be seen strangely enough as the good old days.

It is a hard book, but an honest book.  The word s are easy enough to read and the story is very clearly developed, but it is a gut punch to realize the future will likely be brutal.  That said, better you be ready now, and my book is one you should read.

For those wanting to purchase a copy, there are several options.  My preferred option is to sell directly and you can send an inquiry to for purchasing.  Payment can be made by check, money order, cryptocurrency, or electronic payment options upon request.  The list price is $25 plus $5 for shipping and handling for paperbacks and $10 for digital copy, and I will gladly sign all copies sent out.  Should anyone be looking to buy multiple copies for distribution, bulk rates may be arranged in that instance. is another option where both the print and electronic versions are available.  Should you purchase there, feedback is most welcome and appreciated, and please let others know what you think of the book.  Spread the word, because it is an important message, and also because it allows me to keep writing.  Please know that I am grateful for your support and patronage.

Lastly, I want to offer a huge thank you to my friend John Young of European Americans United for his editorial efforts.  As interesting as my ideas can be, I know my grammar is not always perfect, and his many corrections in both style and substance are as much part of this book as my own writing.

If anyone wants to simply send a check/money order directly for a book, please send $30 to: PO Box 583, Jackman, ME 04945.

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