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Our Goals for the Near Future

Thinking about the National Right as an organization isn’t quite the right model.  We are neither a political party or an advocacy group, though we sometimes engage in these activities.  What we really are is the embodiment of an idea whose time has come:  A United Right in America which is cognizant of demographic realities and acts upon these patterns.  It is far harder to kill an idea than it is to take down an institution, so this site exists to spread strength, courage, and insight to other groups, and my own humble efforts are designed to get people on the Right to recognize the larger enemy that confronts us all:  People who would remake America in a very different image than the Founders intended and that generations of our ancestors strove to create.

What unites the Right is principled defense against the radicalized Left, and what we must all recognize now is should the Left return to Federal power, they will almost certainly act to destroy all those from the most milquetoast conservative to the radical authoritarian as threats to their plans.  We have seen firsthand how they relish censorship in their sphere of cultural control, and how they have defamed reputations and taken away the ability for many to economically sustain itself.  We know when they last ran DC, they used the IRS to punish the Tea Party, the Department of Justice to fund Black Lives Matter, and opened the flood gates to the Third World not just in America, but across the entirety of the West with devastating consequences from which certain ancient nations like Germany, Sweden, and others may never recover.  We look to South Africa, where the communist radicalized minorities are in full ascent, and see brutal murders, the theft of land, and the ideological depersoning of whiteness – of tradition – a perversion of history.  Obama just celebrated this.  We must oppose it.

No more Democrats can be elected President.  We must work tirelessly to ensure only Republicans win the highest office, and further still to ensure nationalists who are committed to retaking America and to not just conserving, but also building upward this country by going places which historically have been uncomfortable for the Right.  We need to talk about culture, about values that are timeless rather than transactional, and to hold our people to account to live by a common standard – not where certain groups get a perpetual free pass.  The Left has long attacked us as their enemies, and we will need the same ardor if we are to win – if we are to survive.

It goes without saying there are many Republicans who do not share these interests.  As possible, they must be enlightened or replaced.  The party must embrace its responsibility to care for the nation, for the worker as well as the employer, and for families and dignity across all groups.  Liberty only has value when coupled with responsible action, moral thought, and clearly identifying those who share these values and working for mutual benefit.  We are a family – the last scions of a civilization in trouble – who must fix what generations of deceit, idleness, and greed broke.

We must do this by any means possible.  I encourage a political solution, which includes tough policy choices on immigration, family planning, culture, and foreign policy.  But we must be realistic also:  The risk our nation is finally and fully stolen from us by the combination of violent activists, corrupt politicians, a hostile deep state, and propagandizing media is high.  Higher still if they think they can get away with this, and we must begin to make clear in our millions of different voices that we will resist them, we will fight them, and we will defeat them.  It might be nice, but it more likely will be dirty, and this insurgency of popular will against totalitarian idealism is what the National Right garners.

Such a fight would be devastating and we should have no illusions about this as we seek for other options.  But worse still would be the final surrender of our sovereignty and values, to go quietly into the night when we inherited a nation built by brave revolutionaries who stood up, fought, bled, and died for freedom.  Their freedom was to realize a life with meaning, where worship was protected, where families were valued, and where anything was possible.  That is the freedom we need to regain.

I write this piece today for new people wondering what the National Right is about.  It’s about winning our country back, stopping these communists who have been lurking in the shadows for at least a century, and telling them it is time we shut them back in the dingy closets from which they emerged with their filth and lies.  It’s about making sure Trump isn’t a one hit wonder, but rather the beginning of a new path, and to ask this question of what next with optimism, vision, and numbers.  We know we don’t own the culture now, and I, like many others, have paid the price of my career for the right to ask this next inquiry.  What must we do to make America ours once more?

In that quest, we welcome those who share our values, understand there will be disagreements, and believe these can be overcome by reason and good humor.  Our differences pale compared to what is planned for all of us who have been marked as enemies of the would be state.  Let us remember that, and should you agree with my words, let people know about the National Right.

This website is one hub.  The podcast Conversations with Tom is another.  There is a group on Facebook, on Gab, and we affiliate with others to build courage, networking, and confidence.  Whether you support that, or simply organize your friends and then family, please do what you can, because a time is coming when money will fail you and big words will only be memories:  What will matter are the people around you, whom you can trust, and what you can do together.  Nature always reasserts itself and our hour draws near.

I have faith in our people and in our cause.  A better tomorrow awaits if we are willing to stand up to protect it.

It’s worth remembering the mightiest of towering trees in the forest all began from a single healthy seed, acorn, or nut.  Plant a seed and see what rises…that’s what we are doing here today.