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The Media’s Favorite Lie: Guilt By Association

Even though my home internet is not working today, I came into town just to post this article because good friends of mine are telling me how I am being slandered with things I have not said.  I am being called a Nazi because I agree with the most vocal voices speaking out against this effort to transform New England from a predominantly white region to a diverse one.

Leave aside for the moment that no one dares ask the people up here what they want.  The press has decided, as they often do, to unilaterally push their communist agenda of population replacement out of fear that the majority is waking up and seeing what happens when we lose power.  Take South Africa as the extreme example where land seizure without compensation is the now the law of the land, and see we are being cajoled onto this same pathway.

People often ask why there is no resistance, but they miss the many opportunities to resist where the media paints those who dare to speak out as whatever pejorative works best:  Nazi, racist, bigot, etc.  It doesn’t matter what the accused says because they aren’t given equal voice, and more often than not, what happens is the media uses an ad hominem attack to slander good people.  We see this most clearly from Antifa, who consider every Republican a Nazi in waiting, yet the media still uses their slander to some effect to reach people who don’t know better.

For the record, I am not a national socialist nor have I ever claimed to be one.  However, I will freely admit I talk to people who call themselves such, because the media has zero right to tell me to whom I can and cannot speak, and I have said often and publicly I will speak with anyone who engages publicly, respectfully, and honestly.  I frequently speak to people whose views are well right of my own, not in endorsement of their belief, but because I believe in free speech and engagement.

I work with people from time to time whom I do not agree with on all issues.  Sometimes, I work with people on one issue where we disagree on most issues.  That is the nature of all politics, but the media plays a rather dirty trick where only those of us on the right are ever slandered by affiliation.  You will never hear them once ask a Democrat to denounce Antifa or a communist because the media exists to help the left realize unity and to hurt the right through division.

Ask me who my enemies are and I will tell you quite openly and freely they are those forces of the left that seek to destroy our liberties, replace our population, silence our voices, and defame our good reputations.  People who know me will defend the person I am:  Thoughtful, considerate, and brave, with no animus against anyone for facts about which they have no choice.  But I, and the National Right besides me, are fearless in speaking about terrible ideas like Islam, population replacement, and socialism.

They attack me periodically because they fear what the National Right is doing.  We are organizing the counter forces to stand against any leftist plot to use violence against our nation.  We are uniting the moral forces of the right under one banner, working past our real differences, and speaking against their agenda.  They hate us for it.  They hate me more than most, and having taken my job, they hope to silence my voice by calling me a dirty name.

It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than name calling to shut this cranky bastard up, and I hope you will stand with me again as this next wave of attacks come against me.  Help by sharing this article and awareness of the National Right.  Next week, when the book comes out, get a copy or more of The Coming Civil War and read what they don’t want you to know.

Most of all, never let them decide who you can speak with and never accept how they define you.  The leftists who own the media declared I was doomed to corruption before I was even born by virtue of being white, so if you want to look who truly promotes the genocidal ideology of hate and falsehood, look for that sickle and the trail of bodies that follows.  If you can’t find it directly, my hint to you is to follow the socialists and listen to the friends to whom they speak.