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Why Economics Loses Politically

By any reasonable standard, the Trump Administration specifically and the Republicans in general should be far more popular than they are.  America is enjoying the greatest economic prosperity this millennium after many years of struggling.  Not only is the GDP rising, but unemployment is at historic lows across all groups and real wages are rising for the first time in many decades.  Thanks to a combination of tax and regulatory reforms, Americans can work more and keep more.  So, what gives?

Public polls consistently show more Americans disapprove of the job Trump is doing even though they ironically also show optimism rising.  Part of this phenomenon can be explained away by the misleading nature of political polling where the sample selection, buried in small print, often oversamples self-identified Democrats.  But, for this reliable media lie, and do remember the polling outfits are paid by the media to provide the right information, there’s a larger trend here which better explains why more people don’t support Trump based on economic success:  Psychology.

People have a funny quirk in how they attribute outcomes.  We take pride in our accomplishments, but we look to blame others for our failures.  Were the economy a wreck, the media would absolutely blame Trump each day for the misery of the people and even most Republicans would accept this somewhat.  But we see success as being mostly of our own making, which is true to some extent because it does require far more personal effort to make things happen, but it’s just as true a friendly environment for economic growth matters immensely.  For clear evidence, consider how much harder it was to operate or start a business under Obama.  But people overlook their own tendency to own success without sharing their laurels, and the Republicans have put themselves in a position where they are counting on people not to do this.

The problem is Obama, like all Democrats, has a friend in the media who will carry water for him no matter what he did.  Even though the Democrat economy was worse by every objective metric, their cultural control has always been better, and this allows them to shape even an absurd message into propaganda.  They had to overcome the Bush years, and now they take credit for what Trump accomplished, even though it was clearly by overturning all Obama did.  But so long as only their one message is heard, and as well as they prey on weaknesses, fears, envy, and resentment, the left will be playing to a psychologically stronger position.

In the broader picture, this is one reason the left shifted from economic Marxism to cultural Marxism.  Economics requires numbers, but culture only requires impulses, and it is far easier to stoke feelings than create verifiable growth.  The left finds those least capable in society, importing more whenever possible, and then activate them politically by starting with this flawed notion equal outcomes are a natural expectation, then blaming corruption for why these are not realized.  Envy, anger, and covetousness are cultivated in those who refuse to believe their own inadequacies can have any role in their failures, and these groups are all gathered to resist.  As long as they don’t actually have power, such actions are stable, because the blame works in good times and in bad.

Bad times sell themselves where people’s suffering is enough to naturally activate the envy of people not just in the targeted groups, but across different social barriers.  But the interesting thing is times of opportunity, where the most resourceful succeed most fully, create a situation where even though wealth rises across the board, the disparity between the most and least successful also grows more quickly, allowing envy against the rich to be shouted to those on the left who imagine they should have what the wealthiest and hardest working enjoy.  So, they get more pissed off.

Not only that, but an affluent society is one where political revolution becomes more possible.  As totalitarians throughout the world have proven, a country where people are struggling just to feed themselves rarely has the energy to contemplate revolution, the continual and perpetual goal of the Marxist.  But you know who can think on these things:  College kids who have nothing but time to waste and false idealism.  Activists who get paid from unknown sources to demonstrate in the streets.  White people who’ve been indoctrinated to such self-hatred they believe their own destruction is some perverse form of justice.  These people see a moment of wealth as an opportunity, and we see in their consolidation of media control, at least the potential for a larger and far more troubling revolution than most Americans can imagine.

Republicans think because they won an election and gave people more money that they’re winning.  It was a political victory of sorts, but without taking out the cultural structures that drive resentment as a daily drum beat to millions of Americans, all these good works may only serve to facilitate our own future destruction.  We have to deconstruct the state that protects them which has never been elected.  We need to open up the media to ensure our message gets fair play.  We need to reclaim our children from the schools that indoctrinate them at every level.  We must close our borders to the people who come here wanting to take.

We need those victories.  We need a Republican Party that has both the awareness and gumption to seek these battles.  I don’t think we have it right now, because they think money is enough.  And the right makes this mistake again and again, you can’t buy your way to victory in a war of ideals.  Stop fighting for equality, instead speak out for quality and do not be afraid to leave those behind who choose envy over opportunity.  We cannot simply hope people will choose wisely after seventy years of watching how they will otherwise be shepherded into the complete opposite.

Eventually, political reality will force the Republicans to realize this.  The National Right exists to make sure they do so before it is too late, and before there are so few Republicans remaining that we have only bad choices.