The American Covenant

The American Covenant

Ten Commandments of the National Right

Defend your NATIONAL RIGHT to…

Preserve our people

The foremost responsibility of any government is to preserve its own people, and as such we embrace nationalism as our core philosophy in direct opposition to globalism.  We believe the citizens of these United States should be sovereign, not institutions and bureaucracies, and we should avoid any permanent foreign entanglements which threaten this resolve.

Promote our values

We support traditional values that have made America great, as we embrace the search for greater quality in our future instead of settling for more stuff and distractions.  Through responsibility, liberty, morality, and identity, we will begin a renaissance of our culture designed to improve the lives of all Americans.

Free speech

To promote our ideas and the essential conversations between different groups to decide the best path forward for our nation, we support unrestricted free speech across all platforms and vehemently oppose efforts at censorship by both governmental and corporate actors.

Free association

Americans have the right to identify with and work with whichever people they so choose so long as they do not harm another.  The long inquisition of political correctness which has been used to intimidate people into silence must be confronted and defeated as people join together to express their honest feelings without threat of reprisal.

Positive ethnic identity

We support all positive expressions of racial and ethnic identity, believing race and ethnicity should be topics open for public discussion and with the clear understanding all people can be proud of their heritage and race.  We oppose double standards and their hypocrisy in how some groups are favored while the majority is falsely derided.

Natural sexuality

Traditional gender roles are at the heart of our beliefs as we believe marriage exists between a man and a woman as the foundation of the family, the means by which we bring children into the next generation and develop our future.  We support understanding the differences between men and women as equal and collaborating partners rather than competitors and reject the notion categorically that any other genders exist than male and female.

Protect our borders

Our government must secure our borders against external threats including violence, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and the conscious effort to change America through demographic replacement.  We support immigration reform to end birthright citizenship, requiring both parents to be American citizens for such status to be granted, an end to chain migration, the southern border wall, and reducing immigration severely for the protection of all Americans

Fiscal responsibility

Government must be responsible stewards of the public finances, issuing balanced budgets, reducing the national debt, and decreasing foreign dependency by supporting trade policies designed to encourage self-sufficiency here at home.

Sound money

To ensure sound money is issued, the Federal Reserve Bank should be ended and the sole power for issuance of legal tender shall be returned to the US Treasury.  We also oppose usury and the accumulation of debt as means of bankrupting people, whether at the national or individual level.

Bear arms

The right to bear arms is not only vigorously defended, but actively encouraged as the last and best defense citizens have against the tyranny of their own government.  We oppose all efforts to enact further restrictions on this guarantee and will oppose them through any means necessary.