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Why White Pride is Essential

The national myth has been that identity politics is a relatively new phenomenon, at least within the larger White community.  While your average conservative might concede that race-conscious politics have long been practiced by the Left, primarily for the nominal benefit of minority groups to secure their votes, a most cynical and effective strategy, the conceit enjoyed by most on the Right is that we have been promoting a meritocracy whereby race has no meaning.  But is that true?

If Republicans really believed that, why did they so meekly submit to allowing affirmative action, a program which explicitly offered benefit on a racial basis to non-Whites in a host of different areas, for decades?  Could it be that beneath the veneer of detached egalitarianism, people on the Right tacitly accepted that race runs deeper than skin color, and that whatever lip service would be paid to actual equality, that the state would have to nudge minorities along a different path?

White interests could never be baldly stated in this scenario because they would negate the work the civic nationalists were conducting in trying to assimilate the minorities in this country to the values of the time.  This luxury and deception was permissible when America remained 90% White, and the minorities were but a small segment of the country, but as we enter the era of multicultural nirvana, such obfuscation of the interests of what is still the primary American racial identity has huge and potentially calamitous consequence.  White values that remain only implicit and worked when we were the majority are now being outright dismantled, and because so many still refuse to speak on this basis, no effective defense is being mounted.

The values Whites adopted in America are the ones we defend here at the National Right.  They represent traditionalism, such as marriage between one man and one woman, respect for one’s elders, reverence for Christianity, and a belief in both nature and logic as keystones for how we structure our society.  Those values are being destroyed by diversity, a bastardization of the Marxist belief that more is better so long as it negates existing values in favor of a range of meaningless options rebranded more appealingly as tolerance.  Yet, when no one agrees on anything, while one may tolerate anything, how can society do anything other than decay as common purpose fails?

This is where we are, and it is because White people have adopted a negative identity.  What does this mean?  We are the eternal other who is always defined by those who have been activated against us, the realization of their fears and anxieties without ever having to bothered to articulate our own positive self-assessment.  Vitally, in our very refusal to accept ourselves and choosing to pretend race is not real, we have allowed ourselves to slowly drift toward the impression others have drawn upon us.  As the Left would tell the story, we were a cruel and violent people who only sought to exploit the other, and our only legitimate place now is to fade into history, submit to the grievances aligned and fabricated against us, reject our own history and speak of our past only with shame and welcome its destruction.

I cannot begin to say how unfathomable this deceit truly is, but like any other movement, the strange dictum whereby the larger the lie, the more likely it is to go unquestioned applies here.  Whites are the only people in world history to willingly welcome the stranger into their midst as full partners, an act of generosity which has spread technology and advancement worldwide, and which has improved the lives of billions of people.  The cultural heritage of Whites worldwide is of inestimable value and has served as the foundation for our modern world, yet the White identity we’ve adopted and perversely defended for years is to refuse this categorization.

Some oppose this because they are ardent individualists, a trait that is once again uniquely White in comparison to other world civilizations.  Others, accept the blame placed upon us by the other, accepting the propaganda, and choose never to offer resistance, but to simply flee or fade into the background.  From the most hardcore progressive to even President Trump, the extent to which every “respectable” person in America shies away from defense of Whites, even as they laud even trifling accomplishments by other races is revealing.

We have a White identity, but it has been for at least sixty years now to deny ourselves.  A negative, self-hating narrative, it is nonetheless accepted by both sides, because without any expressed alternative, Whites are deemed unworthy of pride and respect.  And when the majority of this nation, whatever the decency or folly of their original intent, accepts this premise, it cannot help but lead to a lack of confidence, a lack of pride, and growing indifference about the future and less investment in themselves.

Meritocracy is a great thing and a fair form of governance, but it alone will not reverse the moral degradation our people face.  We need to be proud to be White again, to assert our accomplishments, reclaim and defend our history, and with respect for all others and their equal claim to such fair analysis, demand we be held only to the same standard as are all others, and end this false guilt complex we’ve adorned for far too long.

Taking a stronger stand will lead to conflict.  But this is what we need:  To have moral courage to defend our values, which are also part of our racial legacy just as much as cultural.  For those who worry about how this will be perceived, allow me to help:  The media will hate you even more, but believe you are exactly the same as they think now, and those minorities whom you worry about offending will either support you for standing on values and for your self-worth, or continue their assault form the Left.

But we are in a cultural war, and we need to fight from a position of strength, capable of going on the offensive from every angle.  And our racial identity is the first wall for American defense that needs to be rebuilt, and once it is, I suspect people will be surprised how quickly the other bricks arise for all the other walls we need to build.  Only once we address this vulnerability can we begin tearing down those institutions that tricked us into doing this to ourselves.

There is nothing more natural than pride in your people.  You feel it as an American.  You feel it as a traditionalist.  You feel it without hate.  And you know, you can do it about your race also.  White identity is real:  It’s up to you if we decide what it means or if we let our enemies choose.

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How Civic Nationalism Failed

While the Democrats have not yet realized their coalition of the ascendant, the reality is they have achieved a coalition of the impenetrable.  Their collection of racial and other outcast identity groups have shown themselves to be reliable and impervious to Republican efforts to reach them with opportunity or economic benefit.  Put more bluntly, no matter how much wealth and engagement the Right offers, it simply cannot match the resentment-based grievance politics where the Left promises a new political structure with them at the top, taking all the way from the productive majority.

Ironically, all our economic victories are doing now is facilitating the means to fund Leftist cruelty for a whole generation where a complicit media will do their bidding as they did throughout the last two years.  Republicans always run on economic stewardship, failing to realize people take credit for economic good times as their own actions, only seeking government help when things go poorly and they seek to cast blame elsewhere.  Success always goes unappreciated in such ways.

But what really matters about the 2018 midterm is not so much who won, but what was demonstrated about the value of Trump’s outreach to minority voters.  It failed, and that failure shows that identity politics now owns the Left, and as they continue to drive the cultural model, identity politics will consume America.  90% of Blacks and 65% of Latinos, as always, voted for the Democrats.  Over 70% of Asians joined their coalition.  Interestingly and predictably, they turned out more aggressively to support their own.  These trends will only become more pronounced and given how identity has become the preferred cause of the Marxists, we will see socialism push minorities further left.

Trump made an outstanding effort to share an America based on opportunity and commonality.  But it failed, and instead of beating ourselves up into saying we must try harder, we need to have a darker conversation about how some people, in this environment, just will not be able to be reached.  We lack control over our own culture to assimilate people, so conducting politics on this idea that day will come is a death sentence for our liberties and the rule of law we currently still retain.  The sooner we accept this, the better ground we’ll have for the now inevitable fight ahead.

Nationalism is about defining who fits into the country and who does not.  It’s time we stop pretending everyone belongs and organize the people together who are willing to fight in defense of our beliefs, at the ballot box and beyond.  As impolitic as it is to state so openly, it’s not difficult to identify the nationalists.

We are the people who support the principles upon which both this country was founded and the civilization which birthed it.  We will have to be the voice for Whites and our rights against minorities who seek to constrain and punish us.  We will also, however, continue to be morally driven, recognizing those 10% of Blacks and 35% of Latinos who are citizens who have done the right thing are our allies and not our enemies.  And we will have to have hard conversations about demography, leadership, and the realization that an America which ceases to be majority White will inevitably go into decline, perhaps precipitously.

Trump tried the other way.  He tried doing things the nice way, but people have spoken and elections have consequences.  We should listen and plan accordingly.  The National Right is open to all who share our values, but uniquely, we are going to be unrepentant in pointing out those who do not, and both individually and by group, identify our enemies and work against their interests.

Identity politics are here to stay, and as much as Republicans will choose to signal against this, so long as the Democrats organize, govern, and agitate as such, unless our success is absolute, an unwillingness to engage on the same level only ensures our identity is further denuded and unable to compete.  We must assert our values and our heritage, both American and Western, with equal force and vigor to compete.

This is why we exist outside the GOP.  We are the people who see what is coming and do not constrain ourselves to one set of solutions when it comes to issues as important as preserving our families and our beloved nation.  Nationalism isn’t dead…this idea it can be all things to all people is, and good riddance.

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A Response to the Social Justice Left

A Response to the Social Justice Left
A Critique of the Coalition of the Discontent

The social justice left, which is a revolutionary movement in its own right, has hijacked the traditional left-wing position based upon economic redistribution on a color blind basis with respect for the law and understanding for respective national traditions, and instead grown by the very basic strategy of gathering all those who have grievances with the existent culture and promising to remedy their concerns by taking from those whom they envy.  It would undoubtedly pain them to hear their lofty ideology explained in such venial terms, but as has ever been the case with Marxist informed thinking, their solution to unhappiness is to take from those who build and give to those who don’t.  But whereas previous generations were content to keep their efforts at blackmail to the financial realm, the social justice warriors demand we give up everything.

They demand we surrender our nations, calling upon the majorities of every nation in the west to be transformed in their very being through demographic displacement and displacement.  To build upon their coalition of the discontent, they universally support open borders, mass migration, and argue for the justice of surrendering all that was built in the host nation to the new arrivals.  A time existed when even those on the left would have seen such actions as betrayal of the entire nation, realizing the poor they were nominally hoping to help within the country certainly could not benefit from more stress on already overtaxed social welfare networks, but that’s where social justice warriors are a revolutionary leap forward.

The welfare state is only a means to an end for today’s socialist and would be communist.  They see human migration as the wedge by which they can disrupt democratic balances and seize permanent and actionable majorities to enable full state control of the economy.  We see how the left builds parallel structures in towns, cities, and on college campuses, as guides to how they will rule should we be complacent enough to allow this trend to continue unhindered.

The social justice left insists the very culture that built our current civilization and the very people who contributed most have committed the original crime of injustice so badly that we are beyond redemption.  Like a twisted religion, grace may be granted to those of the majority who tirelessly prostrate themselves at the feet of the noble savage, whose scantly developed territories we built into modern civilization, ironically enabling this dangerous pathology, but always with the recollection that we who were builders are at fault.  Whites – guilty.  Men – guilty.  Heterosexuals – guilty.  Christians – guilty.  Nationalists – guilty.  Conservatives – guilty.  We who built, based upon a genuine search for virtue and an understanding of the limits and balance between nature and reason are excoriated by the radical egalitarian who promises a heaven on earth, material comfort for all with judgment for none.

The only price for admission is our very humanity.  If we forego excellence and the offense we strike by asserting that sometimes one idea is better than another, and those observations that one group of people is not the same as their neighbors, they promise we will all delight.  If we ignore our essential nature, forgetting that men and women are different entities who served different purposes in our society for reasons which were clearly not arbitrary, and we give ourselves over to technology, centralization, and urbanization, we can all live happily in little boxes being whatever we want, surviving in our own little universes in perpetuity.

The ultimate triumph of fantasy over reality, the social justice left proliferates by calling upon idealism from the time we can reason, bolstered by a media which starts children with fairy tales based upon false grandeur, amplified by school systems which inculcate hatred against our very past, and topped off by universities who radicalize all who listen against injustice, cultivate such love for what might be that even reality itself which still, despite their best efforts, subscribes to the laws of nature and reason, is buffeted toward submission.  Coupling the learned elite who demand justice with an interminable wave of invaders to serve as shock troops and distraction, they plan to topple the forces who fight to maintain the existing culture, nations, and basic systems of western life like the family, the church, and liberty.

It pains me to admit they have been winning, mainly because while these radical egalitarians were working without pause to destroy all they could in a nihilistic orgy of cultural expression, those who opposed them merely sought to maintain a system, which while obviously flawed, still enjoyed far more currency in allowing for advancement, success, and personal satisfaction.  Our countries allowed for expression of thought, economic achievement, and the fulfillment of visions based not on envy and theft, but also on creation and virtue.

They hate these words.  Because they are the coalition of the discontent whose very promise of power relies upon the most obvious of lies.  They promise everything others built can be handed over first to their supporters, but then to everyone who remains, but they never answer the question of who will be there to provide for all the good things in that future.  And they can’t, because once they’ve taken everything, there will be nothing left to give but human lives in promise to a false idol, communism, as humanity has done again and again.

It has not escaped the attention of an increasing number of people each day this is the road every social justice warrior walks.  In every demonstration and shrill assembly where they gather to fight against reason, people watch the insanity with increasing frustration and quietly building resolve to stand against this sick force of destruction.  Those on the right who fought tirelessly and thanklessly to maintain the system for years, accepting the emotional blackmail the left imposed through culture and language with terms like racism, sexism, antisemitism, xenophobia, bigotry, and the like, a linguistic veil to conceal the invasion of the misanthropes, are giving way to a new generation who has grown up without those same benefits of the good old days to a divided and polarized society, and as such who are immunized against such guilt.

Instead, standing on the abyss of a plunge into the dark heart of socialism, the reactionary moment is arriving and with it a new search for truth has begun.  Realizing the stakes are civilizational and existential, the new wave of thinkers on the right are asking the questions about the sacred cows of the past and finding the lies we’ve been told do not comport with the reality we are facing.  Our nations were not wicked, our people’s struggle was heroic, and we once possessed lands where most were free, many were happy, and the unhappy few were only a fringe, not a demographic to be expanded.  We want that back, and while we, caring far more for the nobility of human life than those who see people as a sausage grinder to be churned in building a radical utopia, we also understand the price we likely must to pay to reclaim our liberty and identity was well articulated by our heroes like Voltaire, Jefferson, Burke, and others.

You challenge our right to exist.  You challenge our right to use reason to discern our world.  You challenge our choice to seek beauty in distinction.  You think you can replace us.  Do you really expect people to sit back passively and watch all they love destroyed?  Do you think your justice so mighty that you get to choose for us that we should simply fade into history which you can then unmake with your lies and propaganda?  Do you think you can censor us into silence or intimidate us into submission?  You can try, but you will not succeed, because ideas now travel at the speed of light.

No man knows his own future.  But know this:  The right is organizing in reaction to what the left has wrought, and everyone from the most milquetoast conservative to the most radical reactionary realizes you’ve painted us all with the same broad brush for destruction, because of the very nature of who we are:  The creators, the sustainers, the life givers.  And where you destroy, we will now build our engines to oppose you and to reclaim what is rightfully ours.  We know you need us far more than we have ever needed you, but we had forgotten that for a season.

Thank you for waking us.  We had forgotten who we were:  Just as you fight for an unrealizable equality, watch now as we show our quality, accepting the diversity of thought your cynical philosophy could never permit, and how we rekindle the men of the west into the force once more than lifted man up from the dust and upward toward the stars.  We know you are a cancer, and we will eradicate your poisonous ideology from our midst or die trying.  We love nothing more than a challenge and fight worth having.

This article was written in response to the article “The Rise of YouTube’s Reactionary Right” by Ezra Klein at Vox. 


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Forget the Melting Pot and Eat Your Salad

Whenever people in the media speak about the integration of immigrants into our society, you will sometimes hear the phrase “melting pot” used to express the ability to combine disparate forms into something new, which is meant to conjure up an image of how iron and coal can be forged together to make steel.  The problem is, quite literally, mixing people together from different backgrounds and cultures more often creates nothing more than crayons, waxy substances that can paint a thousand different pretty pictures of fantasy but doesn’t hold together well at all with the slightest heat.

It’s a deceptive metaphor, so today I offer a different view of how people from different cultures interact based upon thinking about America as a salad bowl.  We all understand what salad is and what makes it healthy.

The foundation of any salad is one ingredient:  Lettuce.  It is the foundation upon which everything else rests and the basic identity that makes a salad itself.  If you had a bowl of just different types of lettuce:  Romaine, Iceberg, Leaf Lettuce, then you would still have a salad although it might be a little basic.

Racial identity works the same way.  It’s the foundation upon which a people build their nation:  Shared genetic background which is realized across generations of family networks through which culture is transmitted.  For America, our lettuce is white people, and a healthy salad is built upon a lush foundation of lettuce.  Whether it is one of lettuce or different varieties, the basic identity remains and even alone, would be enough to complete the bowl.

Consider this the ethno-nationalist position:  Just lettuce, no toppings:  Healthy and the foundation of any salad just as a single united people must be the foundation of nation.

From this starting point, we can add features if we want for the salad to have a certain flavor.  Many people like tomatoes.  Some like cucumbers or carrots.  The choice about what to add depends upon how one wants their salad to taste.  No one just indiscriminately dumps everything on a salad or it would taste like a confused mess, but instead we selectively pick and choose the best ingredients to be the supplements because we realize how much even just a little bit can alter the flavor of the salad.

It’s the same with guests who come into our countries.  We have the right to pick and choose whomever we want, recognizing their unique experiences can radically change our homes.  If there are exceptional people, we may choose to include them because of what they add to our foundation, but the idea that we will be made better by taking anyone or allowing people to be chosen at random does not make for a stable nation and common culture anymore than dumping rotten tomatoes on a healthy bed of lettuce would make for a tasty salad.  It only takes one piece of rotten food to spoil the entire salad, and we would be wise to avoid adding that which is clearly unhealthy.

Expressed properly, civic nationalism realizes the salad needs lettuce as the foundation, but can selectively add ingredients in measured portions to complement the base flavor of the salad.  Done with measure and balance, the tastiest salads can emerge from the right combination, and in the right proportion, the flavor becomes unique and memorable, just like the culture of a nation.

Either of these two examples is healthy and those who support either position can be committed nationalists.  Some people like lots of toppings and some people like to stick to fundamentals, but both recognize inherently that to maintain a salad, certain basic conditions are inescapable.  You start with healthy lettuce, and you don’t put so much other stuff in there the bowl is no longer a salad and you can’t just put everything together unless you want to get sick.

That’s not what the left offers and how they would make a salad.  They would give you a bowl of ranch dressing and let the lettuce drown in a soup that would make it wilt.  As any chef knows, a salad is more than just a list of ingredients, but rather what you combine, in what order, in what quantity, and with what preparation.  But the cooks we have had in our kitchen for too long just seem willing to dump everything in, and then they shove their concoction down our throats.  Should we complain, their solution is to fix the mess by throwing more into the mess they’ve created, only further distressing the problem.

So the next time someone says America is a melting pot, stop them from eating a crayon and help them understand they need to eat their greens instead.  We will be healthy when we think healthy, recognizing at the moment lettuce is no longer the base of our salad, there might still be food, but we’ll no longer be a salad:  We will be something else.

I’d rather to stick to having the salad I know is good, allowing my friends to have what condiments they think are best in terms of people who can be shown to have some virtue and excellence as a measured addition, but all of us recognizing together that we cannot simply say anyone, anytime, and hope to avoid paying the consequences.

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Working the Problem

Through the course of working with the various constituent parties and movements that are broadly considered part of the right, my observation has been they share a strange parallel problem.  Whereas movements on the left first articulate their beliefs and then go about directly seeking how to promote their viewpoint through any means possible, so many groups on the right have a strange aversion to seeking any source of power through which to realize their ideas.

Discourse amongst people on the right usually seeks to identify the highest ideal or the logical necessity of an idea or identity, but then they behave as if presenting the most compelling argument is the end of the process.  The best ideas are assumed to be those most worthy of adoption on the merits, and the right handicaps itself by refusing to employ the same passion and resolve in pushing their conclusions as they do in seeking their exposition.  Put bluntly, the right consistently talks while the left is much more willing to act.

Civilization, for better or worse, is something of a passion play.  People are inspired to follow those who lead, who go so far as to impose their ideas, because they assume if you lack the gumption to push forward what you believe with that same intensity, then your belief is less.  While I realize most people on the right avoid doing this specifically because of legitimate beliefs about the limitations of political power, the value of free will, and respect for individual consent, the problem is such thoughtful in a time of decisive cultural conflict is akin to adopting a purely defensive strategy.

To attempt to win a war through endless retreat is impossible.  You might be able to enact more casualties and have a more cohesive bond, but at some point, a breakout becomes necessary.  The right has reached a point where thanks to cultural oppression, decades of indoctrination, and impending demographic transformation, that we must find novel ways to fight to force our ideas into larger adoption or we will be subsumed by the very majoritarian laws and impulses which we created for our own protection.  We cannot simply hope anymore to persuade people.

I know this is a bitter pill for many because it was for me.  It runs against our many years of learning, both in a system that encourages submission by thinkers, and by our own higher faculties which recognize the inherent uncertainty of staking claim to absolute truth such as the left does glibly.  Remember, even though Marxism has been demonstrated wrong time and again, with the sad cost of millions dead as evidence and human misery in its wake, it retains amazing currency not because of reason, but because of the misplaced faith it enjoys from so many who want to believe in it, and mobilize their belief in unrestrained pursuit of power to seek their goal.

To my friends on the right, I ask if we pursued power just a bit more honestly, openly, and directly how much better could we achieve our goals?  Can we work the problem of achieving our goals not as a philosophical debate, but instead as united men and women behind the belief our way of thinking is better, and place enough faith in our conclusions being perhaps not perfect, but sufficiently better constructed than those of the left that we would use all the tools at our potential disposal to shift society?  An act of such boldness would inspire many if we have the courage to take this.  Refusal to do so will only demoralize further.

The National Right believes in will and action in pursuit of quality.  While we will not ever perfectly agree on what is right and just, I think we can still clearly flesh out what is wrong and wicked, and we can unite to prevent those who have such thoughts from increasing their influence or power any further.  With such resolve, we will begin reclaiming our lost preeminence and then we can debate amongst ourselves questions of ideals, knowing we will never reach them, but knowing more perfect unions remain to be achieved and that our failures will be incomparably better than the successes of those against whom we now strive.

Be not afraid to assume power.  The world needs us.  America needs us.  Our time is now.

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How Andrew Jackson solved Donald Trump’s Problem

After having an election stolen from him in 1824, when Andrew Jackson stormed to victory as an outsider in 1828, he faced a very similar problem to what is undermining the efforts of Donald Trump.  A permanent bureaucracy had comfortably settled into place including a revolving door of Congressional appointments to the Cabinet as well as the specter of the Bank of the United States chaired by Nicholas Biddle.  The no-nonsense general went about removing these obstacles to fulfilling his populist promises, and though he had to survive an assassination attempt at point blank range, Old Hickory’s actions parallel perfectly what could help Trump today.

The President of the United States has wide latitude in his authority to conduct the executive functions delineated by the Constitution.  By habit and legal process, we have become accustomed to devolving authority through the Cabinet, but there is no reason the President cannot either directly or through appointed extra-congressional proxy find leadership to whom the bureaucracy can be brought into thrall.  Jackson did precisely the same thing with his famous “kitchen cabinet” where leaders with talent who would not gain Congressional sanction were brought in to provide leadership and guidance.  Trump could do the very same, bringing in outside reformers to drain the swamp, and effectively shut down the government in defense of his policy initiatives, such as the border wall as part of a needed much larger immigration reduction plan, as political sanction for this needed action.

The permanent bureaucracy has come to believe and act as if they represent the true government of the United States.  They do not, they have not, and they must not assume this authority.  If they break Trump, no one will dare challenge their amassed resources and power again, so the time is upon us where the swamp must be drained if peaceful reform is to have any chance of success.  Radical reduction of many of the major bureaucracies is only the first step.

Another step which must follow is to reduce institutions by which the swamp spreads its influence.  Like Jackson, I would argue that targeting the Fed as the single most powerful entity that controls governments through its management of the money supply, is a good place to start.  Return printing of money to the US Treasury and control of money to the people instead of this bank held quasi private corporation.  Other prominent targets should include the CIA, which has clearly ignored its legal prohibition to act upon US soil, and the FBI, whose agents have publicly admitted to wanting to fix election results.  Fire them all, giving control to the military for intelligence and law enforcement functions if needed until such time as a loyal civil service can be restored.

The waiting game benefits neither Trump nor the American people.  They are trying to buy time until they can forge reasons for an impeachment, all in the effort to undermine our entire system of government so that these unelected officials can maintain their privilege and power.  The people see this threat, and after two years of lies bolstered by media deceit, are ready to support our President in acting to remove the parasites from our republic who think themselves our betters.

I only pray Trump has not just the courage, but also the wisdom to act with the intensity and speed required before he dies the death of a thousand paper cuts which these swamp dwellers and those who bankroll them clearly intend.

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Manufactured Consent and the Myth of Leftist Support

Without any doubt, the left enjoys overwhelming cultural dominance.  Their commanding position in academia, media, and the nonprofit sectors attached to culture is unmatched, but from such heights, I’ve noticed many of their adherents push the false belief their culture is universally popular.  As the most recent election revealed, their reach may be wide but it is hardly deep, and I want to talk about this net in which we are ensnared.

At this point in time, the cultural dominance of the left is no longer an organic development of popular expression as it might have been some decades ago, but rather a deliberately manufactured web of connections between institutions designed to force compliance from society through a series of escalating penalties and retributions.  Censorship is now encouraged across emergent platforms to conform with the lines repeated across legacy media, all in service of Marxist ideals which are promoted at any cost and whose opposition must always be suppressed.

The silent majority holds traditional American values.  Belief in the nuclear family, a desire for personal responsibility, morality that is not just subjective, and that all people have intrinsic worth of all identities – including the white majority.  They have been visually assaulted for decades now with ideas designed to confuse, conflating genders in some mad science experiment, attacking virtue and value, and laying the groundwork for the suppression of the majority in advance of a future takedown to unmake America’s culture.  For this to occur, all that is required is our silence for a long enough time for those willing to do anything to take power to succeed.  And, despite the respite Trump is providing – with the potential for a true reversal still in play – they remain close so long as they use their cultural weapons to dictate terms as we see them do through the fake news and crazy ideas.

People would speak out, but they do not want to fight in the realm of ideas.  There is a reason sites no longer carry comments, and those who speak against insanity are either marginalized or banned from the most popular social media platforms.  Big Tech has been a terrible sellout, but predictably so, as the model being pioneered to serve the biggest market, China, is based on a Marxist ideology of information control.  For those who follow the line, social media status – financial comfort and psychological gratification await.  But speak out, and you become a pariah.

Groups like the SPLC and ADL serve as gatekeepers, organizations funded by foreign governments for the subversion of the United States, and who utilize their resources and networking to destroy legitimate dissenting voices who question this agenda.  They use slurs and slanders, the same attacks by which they defame their opponents in an Alinskyite juxtaposition, to compel still people on the right into perpetual division with one another using fear words like racism and worse.  As you will have already noted, their operational definition of racism is a person of a non-approved identity or belief who wants to live freely and assert their own beliefs publicly.  Such nonconformity is not to be permitted, and it is only through these means of public defamation, leading to loss of status and often employment, that these perverse ideas being grafted onto our society can hang on.

We must cast ourselves free of them, and we will begin to win back the ability to have a true cultural fight when we refuse to allow the left to castigate our thinkers on the right who express controversial ideas.  Political correctness is un-American, but more importantly, completely destructive to anything other than a security state where everyone must live a perpetual lie.  Marxists are not bothered by this as they base their whole ideology on the most destructive of lies:  That equal outcomes are the natural result of society.  They never have been, and never can be unless you destroy people as thinking individuals and turn them into machines.  They try.

This is why we take an unequivocal stand in support of free speech.  Free speech is free thought, and without the challenge of ideas, we cannot make the distinctions between good and bad, useful and harmful, and health and wellness.  We believe in quality, and we believe strongly that America believes enough in itself to get past this terrible trap of guilt and intimidation, believing in time the full wickedness of their dehumanizing agenda on the left will become evident and people will be held to account.

Until then, we’re stuck living in the insurgency.  I always tell people keep the ideas alive, and talk to your neighbors, friends, and families away from the prying eyes of those who think they have the authority to force your compliance.  They do not.

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The Coming Civil War

After months of effort, I’m proud to announce The Coming Civil War is now complete and available for purchase.

This was a difficult book to write because facts forced me to draw hard conclusions.  While peace is something for which we should always strive, America is divided in so many different ways with so little good will and commonality between the divisions themselves as well as those on different sides of these conflicts, that outcomes which will not be extremely painful in the short to medium term seem unlikely.

As preview, this book talks about four main divisions tearing our nation asunder:  Ideology (left vs. right), residency (where one lives – town or country), race, and culture.  The nature of these divisions is should any one of these conflicts come to a boiling point where events and irreconcilable differences bring the cold cultural fight to some hot action, it is highly probable every other issue will come into play at precisely the same time.  With a lack of common purpose and agreement between partisans, the center cannot hold.

In admitting such, I do not posit moral equivalency of the sides.  What we could call broadly the left coalition exists to realize radical egalitarianism, struggling against nature itself to equalize outcomes from disparate peoples and ideas, and being willing to use any coercive power to accomplish these ends.  Population displacement, forced censorship, and cultural indoctrination are only the beginning of what they will utilize in their already doomed effort to prove this iteration of the Marxist plot will finally be different.

The right has come lately to this battle, with the last gasp nationalist efforts that sent Trump into office finally recognizing that a cultural retreat across sixty years has done nothing but seen the destruction of the family in many places as well as the induction of the one free civil society that encouraged virtue into the every growing state.  Those targeted for destruction as traditional power centers:  Whites, Christians, men, traditionalists, and those who believe in liberty are being pushed together by mutual threat.  Can we organize?  We’re trying.

Let us not forget the status quo who made up both sides, the wealthy people who sold out America for a comfortable existence, allowing our culture to erode for years, bringing anyone and everyone into this nation.  The left loved the votes.  The right loved the cheap labor.  Neither loved our nation, and even now, our elites still think so globally, imagining the enclaves they’ve produced for themselves represent the reality Americans faced for many years of a country in decline due to neglect and abuse.

The book covers who the players are, what institutions they control, and how they work to protect their prerogatives.  All the relevant angles are covered, and they lead to an inescapable conclusion that one side must take dominance and lead this ship or we will crash upon the rocks with only shattered pieces to remain.

I lay out six scenarios for the future.  None are easy, but if you want to learn more about these as a means to consider what this asks of your family or yourself, consider getting this book.  It will change how you think, give you the facts and information to honestly face hard choices ahead, and might just motivate you to get active now during what will soon be seen strangely enough as the good old days.

It is a hard book, but an honest book.  The word s are easy enough to read and the story is very clearly developed, but it is a gut punch to realize the future will likely be brutal.  That said, better you be ready now, and my book is one you should read.

For those wanting to purchase a copy, there are several options.  My preferred option is to sell directly and you can send an inquiry to for purchasing.  Payment can be made by check, money order, cryptocurrency, or electronic payment options upon request.  The list price is $25 plus $5 for shipping and handling for paperbacks and $10 for digital copy, and I will gladly sign all copies sent out.  Should anyone be looking to buy multiple copies for distribution, bulk rates may be arranged in that instance. is another option where both the print and electronic versions are available.  Should you purchase there, feedback is most welcome and appreciated, and please let others know what you think of the book.  Spread the word, because it is an important message, and also because it allows me to keep writing.  Please know that I am grateful for your support and patronage.

Lastly, I want to offer a huge thank you to my friend John Young of European Americans United for his editorial efforts.  As interesting as my ideas can be, I know my grammar is not always perfect, and his many corrections in both style and substance are as much part of this book as my own writing.

If anyone wants to simply send a check/money order directly for a book, please send $30 to: PO Box 583, Jackman, ME 04945.

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Our Goals for the Near Future

Thinking about the National Right as an organization isn’t quite the right model.  We are neither a political party or an advocacy group, though we sometimes engage in these activities.  What we really are is the embodiment of an idea whose time has come:  A United Right in America which is cognizant of demographic realities and acts upon these patterns.  It is far harder to kill an idea than it is to take down an institution, so this site exists to spread strength, courage, and insight to other groups, and my own humble efforts are designed to get people on the Right to recognize the larger enemy that confronts us all:  People who would remake America in a very different image than the Founders intended and that generations of our ancestors strove to create.

What unites the Right is principled defense against the radicalized Left, and what we must all recognize now is should the Left return to Federal power, they will almost certainly act to destroy all those from the most milquetoast conservative to the radical authoritarian as threats to their plans.  We have seen firsthand how they relish censorship in their sphere of cultural control, and how they have defamed reputations and taken away the ability for many to economically sustain itself.  We know when they last ran DC, they used the IRS to punish the Tea Party, the Department of Justice to fund Black Lives Matter, and opened the flood gates to the Third World not just in America, but across the entirety of the West with devastating consequences from which certain ancient nations like Germany, Sweden, and others may never recover.  We look to South Africa, where the communist radicalized minorities are in full ascent, and see brutal murders, the theft of land, and the ideological depersoning of whiteness – of tradition – a perversion of history.  Obama just celebrated this.  We must oppose it.

No more Democrats can be elected President.  We must work tirelessly to ensure only Republicans win the highest office, and further still to ensure nationalists who are committed to retaking America and to not just conserving, but also building upward this country by going places which historically have been uncomfortable for the Right.  We need to talk about culture, about values that are timeless rather than transactional, and to hold our people to account to live by a common standard – not where certain groups get a perpetual free pass.  The Left has long attacked us as their enemies, and we will need the same ardor if we are to win – if we are to survive.

It goes without saying there are many Republicans who do not share these interests.  As possible, they must be enlightened or replaced.  The party must embrace its responsibility to care for the nation, for the worker as well as the employer, and for families and dignity across all groups.  Liberty only has value when coupled with responsible action, moral thought, and clearly identifying those who share these values and working for mutual benefit.  We are a family – the last scions of a civilization in trouble – who must fix what generations of deceit, idleness, and greed broke.

We must do this by any means possible.  I encourage a political solution, which includes tough policy choices on immigration, family planning, culture, and foreign policy.  But we must be realistic also:  The risk our nation is finally and fully stolen from us by the combination of violent activists, corrupt politicians, a hostile deep state, and propagandizing media is high.  Higher still if they think they can get away with this, and we must begin to make clear in our millions of different voices that we will resist them, we will fight them, and we will defeat them.  It might be nice, but it more likely will be dirty, and this insurgency of popular will against totalitarian idealism is what the National Right garners.

Such a fight would be devastating and we should have no illusions about this as we seek for other options.  But worse still would be the final surrender of our sovereignty and values, to go quietly into the night when we inherited a nation built by brave revolutionaries who stood up, fought, bled, and died for freedom.  Their freedom was to realize a life with meaning, where worship was protected, where families were valued, and where anything was possible.  That is the freedom we need to regain.

I write this piece today for new people wondering what the National Right is about.  It’s about winning our country back, stopping these communists who have been lurking in the shadows for at least a century, and telling them it is time we shut them back in the dingy closets from which they emerged with their filth and lies.  It’s about making sure Trump isn’t a one hit wonder, but rather the beginning of a new path, and to ask this question of what next with optimism, vision, and numbers.  We know we don’t own the culture now, and I, like many others, have paid the price of my career for the right to ask this next inquiry.  What must we do to make America ours once more?

In that quest, we welcome those who share our values, understand there will be disagreements, and believe these can be overcome by reason and good humor.  Our differences pale compared to what is planned for all of us who have been marked as enemies of the would be state.  Let us remember that, and should you agree with my words, let people know about the National Right.

This website is one hub.  The podcast Conversations with Tom is another.  There is a group on Facebook, on Gab, and we affiliate with others to build courage, networking, and confidence.  Whether you support that, or simply organize your friends and then family, please do what you can, because a time is coming when money will fail you and big words will only be memories:  What will matter are the people around you, whom you can trust, and what you can do together.  Nature always reasserts itself and our hour draws near.

I have faith in our people and in our cause.  A better tomorrow awaits if we are willing to stand up to protect it.

It’s worth remembering the mightiest of towering trees in the forest all began from a single healthy seed, acorn, or nut.  Plant a seed and see what rises…that’s what we are doing here today.

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The Media’s Favorite Lie: Guilt By Association

Even though my home internet is not working today, I came into town just to post this article because good friends of mine are telling me how I am being slandered with things I have not said.  I am being called a Nazi because I agree with the most vocal voices speaking out against this effort to transform New England from a predominantly white region to a diverse one.

Leave aside for the moment that no one dares ask the people up here what they want.  The press has decided, as they often do, to unilaterally push their communist agenda of population replacement out of fear that the majority is waking up and seeing what happens when we lose power.  Take South Africa as the extreme example where land seizure without compensation is the now the law of the land, and see we are being cajoled onto this same pathway.

People often ask why there is no resistance, but they miss the many opportunities to resist where the media paints those who dare to speak out as whatever pejorative works best:  Nazi, racist, bigot, etc.  It doesn’t matter what the accused says because they aren’t given equal voice, and more often than not, what happens is the media uses an ad hominem attack to slander good people.  We see this most clearly from Antifa, who consider every Republican a Nazi in waiting, yet the media still uses their slander to some effect to reach people who don’t know better.

For the record, I am not a national socialist nor have I ever claimed to be one.  However, I will freely admit I talk to people who call themselves such, because the media has zero right to tell me to whom I can and cannot speak, and I have said often and publicly I will speak with anyone who engages publicly, respectfully, and honestly.  I frequently speak to people whose views are well right of my own, not in endorsement of their belief, but because I believe in free speech and engagement.

I work with people from time to time whom I do not agree with on all issues.  Sometimes, I work with people on one issue where we disagree on most issues.  That is the nature of all politics, but the media plays a rather dirty trick where only those of us on the right are ever slandered by affiliation.  You will never hear them once ask a Democrat to denounce Antifa or a communist because the media exists to help the left realize unity and to hurt the right through division.

Ask me who my enemies are and I will tell you quite openly and freely they are those forces of the left that seek to destroy our liberties, replace our population, silence our voices, and defame our good reputations.  People who know me will defend the person I am:  Thoughtful, considerate, and brave, with no animus against anyone for facts about which they have no choice.  But I, and the National Right besides me, are fearless in speaking about terrible ideas like Islam, population replacement, and socialism.

They attack me periodically because they fear what the National Right is doing.  We are organizing the counter forces to stand against any leftist plot to use violence against our nation.  We are uniting the moral forces of the right under one banner, working past our real differences, and speaking against their agenda.  They hate us for it.  They hate me more than most, and having taken my job, they hope to silence my voice by calling me a dirty name.

It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than name calling to shut this cranky bastard up, and I hope you will stand with me again as this next wave of attacks come against me.  Help by sharing this article and awareness of the National Right.  Next week, when the book comes out, get a copy or more of The Coming Civil War and read what they don’t want you to know.

Most of all, never let them decide who you can speak with and never accept how they define you.  The leftists who own the media declared I was doomed to corruption before I was even born by virtue of being white, so if you want to look who truly promotes the genocidal ideology of hate and falsehood, look for that sickle and the trail of bodies that follows.  If you can’t find it directly, my hint to you is to follow the socialists and listen to the friends to whom they speak.